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Hello Mythic Scribes, this is WaffleSingSong: Your new pupil in Worldbuilding!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by WaffleSingSong, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. WaffleSingSong

    WaffleSingSong Dreamer

    Greeting everyone, my name is WaffleSingSong (just in case you have Alzheimers and you've already forgot about reading my name already at least two other times,) and this is my introduction to Mythic Scribes! (Again, if you have Alzheimers and you forget what this subfourm and entire website is used for.)

    Ever since I was little, I would fantasize about worlds that I would build up. I would occasionally draw maps, play Fantasy/Sci-Fi games, I even made a world with Mega Blocks and Legos, with the Mega Blocks being the landscape, with the different terrain/climate color-coded by brick, and Legos being settlements with color-coded for the different civilizations that they belonged to. One time I even tried (and thinking about picking back up) creating a language with the sound of the words reflecting the typical moods of the meaning of that word.

    TL;DR, I was put in GAT for creativity in the 2nd grade.

    Now, as a (slightly) matured 17 year old, I am trying to commit to actually building a world (that I have already formulated some-what in my head) to the point where I might actually create something with it (What that could be, I have no idea) and to channel my creativity and ideas. So, I turn to you all, who are most likely way older than me and have a shit-ton of experience in terms of building your own worlds, to help me on my journey to create the world (with the current name) of Altaria!

    Misc Information:

    Favorite worlds include: Warhammer Fantasy Battles (R.I.P,) Elder Scrolls, The Witcherverse and Real-Life.
    I'm mainly a fan of Rock, Metal, Electronica and Hip-Hop.
    Favorite academic subjects include: Geography, Social Sciences and Philosophy.
    I am an ENTP (I think) on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
    32 on the ACT in general, but an 18 in Math.

    As some final typed words, if you have Alzheimer, please scroll/look to the top of this post and read it again. Do not forget to get yourself out of a loop of reading this and welcome me, as in I will say hi to you right...now.

    Hello everybody!
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  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hail and well met WaffleSingSong
    I think there are as many ways t world build as there are writers.
    From the completist to the the pantser... and every step in between.
    I like WFB too, especially the really early buggy 1st edition [and I mean the paper based table top battle game and not anything with a computer involved - yes I am that old]
  3. mecg_romancer

    mecg_romancer Scribe

    Don't worry I'm only 19 and also new!!

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  4. Calliopenjo

    Calliopenjo Closed Account

    Hi WaffleSingSong,

    I wish luck with your story and your world building. Both can be quite time-consuming. In the meanwhile, welcome aboard.
  5. It's nice to find someone else my age on here. Though i'm not exactly new here. Been on this site for three years now. Welcome aboard!

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