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Hello people of mythicscribes!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by nitoincog, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. nitoincog

    nitoincog Acolyte

    Hello all my name is nitoincog, you can call me nito for short. I'm an 20yr old student studying at CLASSIFIED College located in CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED USA. There's a lot I can say about myself (im a pretty open book) but I can try to trim it down, lets see....I was born in CLASSIFIED, CLASSIFIED at CLASSIFIED hospital ....several hours later...at age 14 I was diagnosed with minor asperger syndrome after years of being treated for ADHD which was a misdiagnosis....several days later... and that's when I found this website. I like most of you am hoping to become a published author. My genres are mainly fantasy/dark, sci-fiction,adventure and perhaps a few mystery books. I am currently writing three different books two fantasy and one sci-fiction the latter which I will probably be done with first after which I will then go through the long process of polishing, editing, ect (snore) anywho I hope that while im on this website I will engage in both long/short conversations about the various topics on this site as well as meet and talk with others who are as enthusiastic and obsessed with these topics as I am.

    you can now pick your heads off the desk :rolleyes: and I'm sorry about my grammar, D#$m YOU INSOMNIA! :furious: I'm working on it so I hope its not so bad that after reading you will ask a doctor to remove your eyes :eek:

    :cool: nito

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