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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Artemis_Foo, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Artemis_Foo

    Artemis_Foo Acolyte

    My names Carl and I'm here to seek guidance and direction for the book I have been writing for the last 4 years. Though technically I have been writing this book for the last 12 years, the last couple years I have been putting actual effort into the process rather than a little tinkering here and there.
    Most of the problem comes from not feeling worthy, like I'm just a poser who's writing is not worth printing. So I decided to get out there and show what I have and get my lazy arse into gear, as well as using my experiences to help motivate others in the same boat.
    I also run a D&D and Dark Heresy group, which helps alot with getting the creative juices flowing, and it was from here that the guys that play my campaigns said I should be writing, as the stories I put them through were amazing.
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hail and well-met Artemis_Foo [aka Carl]
    Good to have you here.
    This is a great place to learn and share.
    We all have our reasons for wanting to write and wanting to write better.
    Have a look around, make yourself at home.
    Leap on in and enjoy.
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  3. Welcome Artemis_Foo / Carl!

    Just admitting that you have the desire to complete your book is a great start. Keep at it and don't let that inner critic keep you from moving forward. One step — one sentence — at a time, and you'll get there!
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