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Mist Dragon

I've been writing on an off for quite a while, but life and other distractions have moved me away from any writing communities. Most of the ones I visited before have gone away, so I think it is time to get back into it.

I love reading, which lead to my desire to write, but I also have other creative hobbies like painting, drawing...and a few stranger mediums I'm not sure if I really like yet. Most get neglected for life and real life stuff that just has to be done, but writing I can just sit and do whenever I plop down in front of a computer.

I mainly am into scifi and fantasy, but good stories can often times get me to enjoy them even when they are not in that realm.
Welcome Mist-drahon, I am also new to the site like joined just this week. So far I have had a very positive experience here hope you do to.

And look forward to seeing your work eventually.