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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Randy, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Randy

    Randy Dreamer

    My user name and my real life name are one and the same, Randy. I have been wanting to look into this community for some time, but school and other activities have kept me to busy. With summer here I want to get more serious with my writing and I look forward to hearing others thoughts on the writing process.
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hello and welcome Randy
    I hope you find Mythic Scribes as useful as I have.
    It can be a great source of information, ideas, debate and procrastination!
    Pull a seat up to the fire and help yourself to the stew.
    Enjoy the craic.
  3. Draco99

    Draco99 Scribe

    Hey there Randy, welcome to the world of fantasy and have a great stay! :)
  4. Randy

    Randy Dreamer

    Ah I see my good friend "Procrastination" lives here as well. In part why I came here was to get past the influence of him, he has been a weight on my life for a good many years now.
  5. Weaver

    Weaver Sage

    Hi, Randy. I thought I saw a new name in one of the forum threads...

    Don't feel bad if you sometimes have other things that take up your time which you'd rather spend writing. Contrary to what the "common wisdom" is, there's not actually any rule that says you must put your butt in the chair every frakkin' day -- at the same time of day, no less -- and write, or else! Myself, I'm a binge writer. I spend weeks not actually putting words on the page (all my rough drafts occur in my head), but I'm actively thinking about my writing projects, planning details of character and plot and doing necessary research, etc. Then I spend a few days, or a few weeks, writing like crazy. (I got into this habit because as a teen, I didn't have the privacy to write except during the summers. Kinda hard to turn out good fiction when you've got several people looking over your shoulder and commenting loudly on what a total loser you are.) It works for me. Some people feel they do better when they have a schedule or are responsible to themselves to get a certain amount of writing done each day, but they do that because that is what works for them. Do whatever works for you, where you are right now.

    So... at the moment, that's my thoughts on the writing process.

    (I can't move ahead with one of my writing projects because it's summer. I'm supposed to be line-editing my twin's novel, but he's off doing archaeology things and I really need to be able to talk to him as I make changes. Thus, life gets in the way and has nothing to do with procrastination. We'll edit in a couple of weeks when he gets back.)

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