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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Eastwatcher, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Eastwatcher

    Eastwatcher Apprentice

    Hi guys and girls

    I'm a new member and am really looking forward to chatting to some fellow fantasy enthusiasts and budding writers. I've just finished the third draft of my first novel (technically 8th draft after I decided to rewrite the entire thing from scratch) and am looking for anyone who is into reading and critiquing other's work. I'm keen to do the same for others to the best of my ability, as this will help me tear apart my own work and get to know the community. I avoided books like the plague until until my early 20s due to severe dyslexia, but then I discovered audiobooks and became hooked. I mainly still use them for my literary intake and then go back and actually read my favorites to learn writing styles and techniques for my own work. My book is Epic Fantasy with a fairly dark sense of humor more in line with Joe Abercrombie than say Bransdon Sanderson, but I feel the style is all my own. I've had zero contact with other writers thus far and am really looking forward to getting to know other people with the same passions as me.
  2. CupofJoe

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    Hail and well met Eastwatcher
    Good to have you here
    Hope you can find MS as helpful and supportive as I do
  3. Eastwatcher

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    Thanks CupofJoe

    Already I can see that the community is really friendly. There are a lot of brilliant people with amazing ideas here.
  4. Holman

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    Welcome aboard - I am also here for the contact with other writers - friends while useful for some feedback don't seem to "get it" when I try and talk about some of the dilemmas or problems I having with deciding how to do something - The community so far have been brilliant. Though it has meant that I have gone back to the drawing board a little as I realised how little I knew (less than I had expected).

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