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Hi, there!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Meep, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. Meep

    Meep Acolyte

    Hi, I'm Meep.

    I'm not new to writing, or forums, but I am new to this writing forum. (If you were on The Young Writers Society forums from 2004-2007 or so, "hi!") I've been writing somewhat seriously on and off since I was a teenager (early 30s now), but this year I started really trying to get my work out there. I've made a few poetry sales and I'm studying for an MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults. I focus on writing for younger kids, mostly middle grade, and I'm experimenting with chapter books and picture books.

    I love fantasy, of course, and my favorite sub-genre is urban fantasy/elfpunk (think more Tithe or The Blue Girl than True Blood). I also love any kind of portal fantasy, especially stories that deconstruct or play with the portal trope.
  2. Welcome to the Scribes Meep! I hope the site can offer you a bit of inspiration and a place to share your thoughts as well. Jump on in anytime and wishing you the best with all of your pursuits. :)
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  3. Lynea

    Lynea Sage

    Welcome to the forum Meep. :) I too am an adult, and I love reading YA fantasy. It's like my favorite genre. Glad to meet a fellow fan on here.

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