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Hope-punk vs Noblebright: What's the difference?


In general, -punk denotes going against, like, the system, man. From my googling, it seems that hope-punk is always having optimism when you're fighting the system and says that The Handmaid's Tale is an example (the show, definitely. But the book? Not as sure). Anything can be hope-punk, including a setting that is otherwise grimdark (like The Handmaid's Tale). Meanwhile Noblebright is for fantasy only and, to me, it seems like everything is nice and good. Yes, there are bad guys, but they're not telling us in detail how they're enslaving and mutilating women, so it would be something more like the Chronicles of Narnia?

When you get into these sub-sub genres, there is a lot of wiggle room and they are only really marketing terms, not something you'll find in a library catalog. Like is Harry Potter Urban Fantasy? I mean, technically yeah, but it's not going to be in the urban fantasy section of Amazon.