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How can I delete photos from the gallery?


I've uploaded e few pics into my gallery section, but I can't see the option to delete them. Am I too blind or there is not such an option?

Edit: Okay I found it. Now this thread should be deleted I think, and again I can't find how to delete the thread :)
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Black Dragon

Only moderators can delete a thread.

If you can explain how to delete a photo from the gallery in this thread, it may be helpful to future members. This question comes up from time to time, and it would be good to have it explained from a member's point of view.


Okay then, let's see.

*First go to My Photos in the Gallery section. (Gallery section is on the top of the page. "My Photos" can be found right below it when you're in Gallery page)

*Click on the photo which you want to delete.

*On the right side, see "the User Options". Click "Edit Photo" which is the first option.

*On the bottom of that page, above the "Submit Changes" button, find the following sentence:

"If you want to delete this image completely, check this box"

*Once you checked the box on the right of this sentence, click "Submit Changes" botton.

*Your photo is deleted.
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