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How can I explain the increase of brain processing capabilities ?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Erebus, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. Erebus

    Erebus Minstrel

    Humans are idiots. Your senses are capable of processing large amounts of information to the senses. However, the brain blocks most of this out of the consciousness in order to allow your pitiful homo sapiens species to focus on few key things at a time. This robs humans of a rich amount of detail about their surroundings, preventing them from truly experiencing a more knowledgeable understanding about the world they live in.

    We elves are a subspecies of humanity, but are from supieror breeding stock. We have the same amount of physical senses that you do, but are gifted with a form of passive telepathy which allows us to form a more complex picture of our environment. All things living give off an "aura" which is based on the life energy they carry, with humans giving off the most. We can sense the minds of living creatures within the vicinity of 10 to 15 feet, alerting us to their presence. Those who master this telepathy can extend this sending to objects, allowing them to locate specific things or items as long as they are in that vicinity. It is like a form of radar which gives them a 360 view of their surroundings, yet still allows us to hone in on the most important information.

    I am doing a lecture at a college university and need to explain the structure of the supieror elven mind and how it can operate like this in a way that you dimwitted savages can understand. How can I make this possible?
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Actions speak louder than words... Demonstrate.
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  3. K.S. Crooks

    K.S. Crooks Inkling

    If you want it to be something that cannot be transferred between species make it a structural difference in the elf brain. If you want it to be transferrable create a new hormone that enhances brain activity and capabilities.
  4. S J Lee

    S J Lee Sage

    Sorry dude, but I'm only replying in your own tone, just for fun... ;-) just shooting the breeze....

    Why would the elves be "superior"? Why do you think humans would be superior if they consciously had to approve every heartbeat, every release of every hormone, every ATP reaction in every cell of their body? "They could live life to the full!" No.

    It's like saying humans would be superior if they could eat grass - no starvation! You'd just need 4 stomachs like a cow! No drawbacks at all! Humans would be superior if they could eat raw meat like a tiger! They could choose to cook or not cook their food.... complete flexibility! sorry, no. Human brain size was allowed to increase because human stomachs needed less energy to digest cooked food. Huamns with smaller stomach-tubing and bigger brains out-competed the ones with smaller brains... or those with bigger brains AND bigger, raw-meat eating stomachs...
    When Fire Met Food, The Brains Of Early Humans Grew Bigger

    Ah, but Elves are so perfect they are immune to all the constraints of evolutionary pressure that pathetic humans must obey...!!!! RIIIGHT....
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  5. S J Lee

    S J Lee Sage

    " superior breeding stock"

    Dude, your elves may be "superior" but they will quickly have no friends ... I get the "superior elves are annoying" joke... but you might want to tone down the actual lecture itself? Just saying....

    It might be pointed out to you that you sound a LOT like:

    Sweden admits to racial purification
    Stockholm - The Swedish government could face thousands of legal claims for compensation because of a Nazi-style campaign of forced sterilisation of women that historians say has been hushed up for years.

    Swedes have been shocked over past days by revelations from Maciej Zaremba, a journalist, that Swedish governments sterilised 60,000 women to rid Swedish society of "inferior" racial types and to encourage Aryan features.

    History of eugenics - Wikipedia

    Compulsory sterilisation in Sweden - Wikipedia

    Sweden pays for grim past

    After years of denial, Sweden began moves yesterday to compensate thousands of citizens sterilised in a grim social experiment in eugenics which lasted more than 40 years.

    Stockholm's social affairs ministry announced it would pay up to £13,430 to each surviving victim of the 1934-76 programme.

    The decision follows the report in January of an official commission set up in the wake of newspaper reports in 1997 that up to 63,000 people - 90 per cent of them women - were sterilised with state approval to improve Swedish "racial purity" as part of a policy of "ethnic hygiene". The commission has received up to 200 calls a month from victims.

    Its secretary, Leif Persson, said: "They say they have been haunted by this their whole lives and that it has been a real source of shame for them."

    Teenagers as young as 15 were sterilised, some without their parents' consent, for inadequacies as trivial as shortsightedness or because they allegedly lacked judgment or had "no obvious concept of ethics".

    Pressure was put on orphans and children in special schools and reformatories to have the operation as a condition of release.

    Pregnant women seeking abortions because their foetus was damaged were told they also had to consent to sterilisation. People could even apply to have problem neighbourhood families sterilised.

    Maija Runcis, who studied several thousand sterilisation cases as part of a doctoral thesis, said: "Nowadays people are appalled, but then nobody cared about these people. This was a backyard to the nice little Swedish home. Everyone always talked about the Swedish model, how nice it is here. But no one talked about things like this."

    Sweden was not the only country to practise eugenics before the second world war, but it was the first to set up a state institute for racial biology.

    The institute was founded in 1921 to identify "sexually precocious or mixed-race types", and legislation was enacted in 1934. Although sterilisation operations waned in the 1960s, the law was not repealed until 1976.

    The Nazis are believed to have sterilised 400,000 Germans deemed to have lives not worth living.

    Other Scandinavian countries and one Swiss canton had similar policies. Norway is thought to have sterilised 40,000 people and Denmark 6,000.

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