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How Serious Are You About Writing?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Philip Overby, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Philip Overby

    Philip Overby Staff Article Team

    Just wondering, how serious you are, on a scale of 1-10 about your writing.

    EDIT: Just to reiterate when I say "published," I mean any form of published: traditional or self.

    1. I don't really care about my writing that much. I like it, but I do it when I can.

    2. I care a little bit about my writing, but not enough to try to publish any of it or spend any significant time improving my craft.

    3. I want to be read, but I lack the confidence in my abilities to do so. I will probably never have the confidence, so I'm just fine writing for fun or for my friends and family.

    4. I think my writing is getting better, and I have visions of trying to publish some of my writing in the distant future. I still think I have a long way to go, but I'm serious about getting there.

    5. I've submitted to several places with mixed results. I tend to get rejected and get discouraged for a bit, but then usually bounce back. I sometimes flip flop on my enthusiasm for writing as I have other hobbies I really like or other things that keep me busy.

    6. I write everyday or almost everyday with the intention to have myself published or at least be widely read in some fashion. However, I've had my fair share of rejections and heart-breaks so I don't submit or circulate my writing as much as I'd like.

    7. I have a schedule that I utilize everyday. I write until I finish something and I am very serious about my craft. I've been rejected and experienced set-backs, but I don't let them phase me as that's part of the game.

    8. I consider myself a writer first and foremost. Even though it may not be my sole source of income, it's what I eat, sleep, and breathe. I am constantly churning out material and trying to get it published or read no matter if I'm getting paid or not.

    9. I've never wanted to do anything else. Regardless if I die poor and alone, I'm a writer. I will do anything I can to have my material out there in the world.

    10. Why am I reading this? I'm supposed to be writing!!! :eek:

    I'd say I'm number 10. Time to go write! ;)

    Not really. I wish I was number 10. I'd probably say I'm number 8. My job is just a way for me to make money so I can write.

    Where do you rank? Elaborate if you'd like.
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  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    As I don't want to be published then I must be a 2...
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly Auror

    I think I'm at number 8. But I haven't submitted anything yet. I will wait until it's finished and edited as much as I can first.
  4. johnsonjoshuak

    johnsonjoshuak Troubadour

    I'm at an 8
  5. Chilari

    Chilari Staff Moderator

    I'd say I'm a 4.5 and working my way up, with some elements of 5 and 6 minus the rejections because I've only ever submitted one thing for publication (a short story) and that got published in an online magazine (I got paid £1.46 after Paypal took its cut). I want to be serious. I've let myself get distracted in the last week or two, but I've got a plan and I've calculated approximately when I can expect to complete the first draft of my WIP by writing 500 words a day to begin with and incrementally increasing this to 1667 in time for NaNoWriMo in November; I'm just worried I'll run out of material before I reach the end of November. But there's another story I can work on if I do.

    The Blood Pact has helped me get serious about this. If I'm going to be published by the end of 2014 I've got some work to do. I'm hoping to have a relatively polished manuscript ready for beta readers by this time next year (after some editing as determined by myself and my alpha reader, my fiance, who while not a writer is very logical and very good at pointing out plot holes or irrational behaviour.)

    I also have a secondary project lined up ready to start work on in the time frame between completion of draft one and starting editing for draft two, because I feel I will need space and the chance to get into a different headspace and forget as much as possible of draft one. I will also work on that secondary project, or a new project if it doesn't work out or I get a better idea, when I send the manuscript out to beta readers.

    As for my actual job, yes it's a way to make money to pay to bills so I can write. Not a bad job. Not something I really want to still be doing in ten years time, even with promotions or whatever. Excuse me while I daydream about the future in which I am rich and my fiance and I and I guess by then our two adopted children are happy and healthy and the kids are called Jenson John and Luke because Matt gave up on vetoing Jenson...
  6. Ameronis

    Ameronis Dreamer

    I think I'm a 4.5 as well, and I intend to get higher up the scale, but I'm so easily distracted, it may take much longer than I'd like...
  7. ArelEndan

    ArelEndan Scribe

    Somewhere between 5 and 6. I don't write as consistently as I should, but I have been trying to get published. So far, all my stories have been rejected, but I have a couple more sent out that I'm waiting to hear back on.
  8. Endymion

    Endymion Troubadour

    Definitely 4. Hopefully will become 5 or more in three months.
  9. I fluctuate a lot. Honestly, all these tiers feel familiar.

    I think the problem with this question is that it assumes the level of effort you want to put into your writing is equal to the level of effort you actually put into your writing.
  10. Penpilot

    Penpilot Staff Article Team

    I'd say I'm an 8. I have a planned schedule and write pretty much every day and feel guilty when I miss a day. I have goals and that one day writing will be what I get paid to do.
  11. Lorna

    Lorna Inkling

    9. I'm thinking 8 might be saner. And 7 would be rational.
  12. Ireth

    Ireth Myth Weaver

    Definitely an 8. 8 is a nice number. ^^
  13. I'm an 8. I think.
  14. Vidar

    Vidar Scribe

    Being very new to all of this I will have to say I'm a 4, hopefully one day I'll be a 9 or a 10.
  15. The Dark One

    The Dark One Archmage

    I think your scale really only goes up to 9...

    I'd be somewhere between 8 and 9. I make money from writing, but not enough and I do care about being poor. But having generated an audience and made some money I can absolutely taste the ultimate goal of being a full time professional writer. It is that close that it invades my daydreams all the time now...beguiling me and potentially imperilling my (reasonably) highly paid day job.
  16. Vidar

    Vidar Scribe

    Dark One, I'm not envious of you; honestly! heh
  17. JCFarnham

    JCFarnham Auror

    How serious?

    Apparently not very...
  18. Hogin Yodeler

    Hogin Yodeler Acolyte

    Maybe four. . . . I genuinely think my writing is very slowly getting better (it still sucks), and I do dream of myself one day at least publishing a book, but I just can't find the time between everything else I'm doing to write more now. I'll probably finish my book when I'm old and retired. Like Bilbo, except I won't have the privilege of living with the elves.
  19. The Dark One

    The Dark One Archmage

    And neither should you be. A little bit of success is a dangerous thing. It makes you utterly crave for a bigger, more permanent taste...to the point where you can't focus on anything else.

    I sometimes see myself as analogous to the Lame Boy (a recurrent figure in my literature) who's had a glimpse inside the magic mountain but is doomed never to get inside for good.
  20. Darkfantasy

    Darkfantasy Inkling

    I don't fit into any really. I have 'winding' down breaks like now.
    My routine is usually an idea psrings into my head and wont go away. I plan, and write it. When I'm in the planning phase I'm like an athlet warming up. I gradually do a bit more each day, until my brain is living and breathing the story. I'm not always done planning when I get this feeling, but I start writing straight away, becuase if I wait that 'power' phase will pass and I'll go flat.
    Then I write like mad for a month. I just get it down in one really crazy typing marathon, all day, all evening, and sometimes all night until ike 3am.
    Then I have my 'winding' down phase. I just muck about and do other things, this can last and month or two. Then an idea springs to mind and I'm off again.
    It rarely takes me over a month to finish something, my last book was just short of 120,000 words. Some writers take a year to finish, some do it in mad bursts - thats me lol. And I would love to be Published, not for money or fame or even for people reading my work. But I think when you have anything you're really passionate about you want to be good at it.
    For a violinist it might be playing at the Royal Opera House, For a jockey making the Grand Nationals on a speed Horse, for a writer it's getting Published.

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