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How to draw a map AFTER you've written your story

Discussion in 'World Building' started by CL Frey, May 18, 2013.

  1. CL Frey

    CL Frey Dreamer

    I posted this on my blog a while back and thought I would post a link to it here in case anyone else finds it helpful.

    Basically, I had written out a plotline and a rough first draft and then decided I needed a map. But I had river crossings and travel back and forth across a valley and mountains etc, and needed to make sure the map jived with the path my characters were taking. I came up with what I call the "Subway Plot Method".

    If it helps anyone out, I'd love to hear about it!

    Create a map for a fantasy novel using the Subway Plot Method
  2. Asura Levi

    Asura Levi Sage

    Quoting the website:
    Indeed, this seems useful, and I love maps. I often do it for anything I'm writing, be it world/city maps or building floor plant. I know I end up drawing maps more than writing, but I love to create and I'm not that enthusiastic in developing it further. That is why all my writing end in Limbo.

    Again, thanks by the link.
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  3. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    I am reminded of fan attempts to map various fantasy worlds, notably that of Glen Cook's 'Black Company' and Clark Ashton Smiths 'Zothique'.

    Glen Cook commented that he'd seen a few internet maps that were...not far off...from what he'd envisioned, but not many.

    The Wiki for 'Zothique' pointed out that most fan maps tended to put mountain ranges in the wrong spots and give coastlines to noncoastal areas.

    For my part...I used to make all kinds of maps. For one world, I went so far as to make an entire map-book. I mapped out islands, continents, cities, and castles. These days...well, I've got a rough outline map for the world. I really should do a few more: I've got a major nation defined by just a coastline and a mountain range, plus I've got three or four urban stories coming up...with no maps for the cities they take place in.
  4. SineNomine

    SineNomine Minstrel

    That's actually fairly clever, thanks for the link.
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  5. CL Frey

    CL Frey Dreamer

    @Thinker X, you're right, this would get exponentially more complicated for a major, multi-faceted world with multiple story lines. Luckily my plot line was fairly simple ;)

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