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How to start the writing part?


Deleting to not further the argument.

The point I would like to make is that there are many ways to learn, and many different ways people find success.

"Detesting" advice which some might find useful seems shortsighted.
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Actually, Nancy Hansen is summing it up pretty well for me.

Remember that time I said:

(hint: it's one page back)

I know I do!

Was actually a mistake on my part, meant the ElspethCooper or whatever near the bottom. I read that a long time ago and that's why I remember it. Never knew about the argument before that.


Thanks everybody for all the wonderful advice. I will try to tone back my expectations on my work and let the words flow for a while before editing. I think I will try to switch between the main book and writing short stories in the world to practice both forms of storywriting. I will also try to get some sort of short story published here in not too long of a time.

I wish I could comment on all your replys because I've really read them and I will listen to them but to comment on each and every reply would only serve to clutter up the forum, so i thank you here and hope that i might be of some assistans to you in the future!
I already know where it will lead and most of the things the main characters will be doing, as well as some subplots etc. The problem isn't that i don't know what I want to write is the part about getting it down on paper that is frustrating. But i will try sometime to write a story without knowing the end to.

No what I'm saying is that is I could do that, then you can surely do the reverse, although I suppose that this largely misleading comment might be rendered redundant by the others.