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How to use conventions to spread the word

Discussion in 'Marketing' started by Ankari, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Ankari

    Ankari Hero Breaker Moderator

    I'm going to share whatever I gathered from my trip to the Florida SuperCon a month ago. If you have any conventions going on near you, run to it.

    Business Cards

    I didn't know how important it was to have them. Even if you're not participating as a vendor, you'll be surprised how many people ask you for your business card. Get them printed and make them as "clean" as possible. You want the people holding your card to read your information as easily as possible.

    Attend the Seminars

    And this is where I was asked for my business card. I wish I had them. Attend as many as you can, ask as many questions as you can. Have your name fixed in everyone's head, especially the people conducting the seminar. You'll be surprised who is holding them. It's common to run into publishers, artists, editors, etc.

    Become a Vendor

    If you have a product to offer, get it on the showroom floor. Put a little thought into your presentation. I passed by a lot of people who simply had a table with books on it. Those that had vibrant posters and/or interesting people behind the table caught my attention. You'll understand what I mean by interesting in a moment. The point is, have something to draw people to your table. You're not hawking your wares in the market district of your universe. Besides, too many people are around. Get something to draw people's attention.

    Make Yourself Interesting

    Don't go to the convention in slacks and a polo shirt unless your name is strong enough to draw a crowd. Dress up as one of your characters or races! Ask a few of your friends to go under the make up and join you. I know this sounds crude, but get a girl or two to mix it up. You want to appeal to all types of customers.

    Also, create a lot of artwork! Big, shiny posters depicting scenes from your book work great. I kept on going back to the same booth that had awesome artwork. If you look at my facebook page, you'll see my album from the SuperCon. One guy dressed up as an undead, a general in his book. He had three novels published and whenever someone stopped to ask him to take a picture he gave him a card with his information.

    Offer Seminars

    Every author that offered a seminar marketed their book. They made a display on the table before them and made constant references to their novels. It work. Some sold 10 or 20 copies when the seminar wrapped up.

    Be Nice

    Be nice. If you dress up as an interesting character, expect to be asked for a photo A LOT. Especially if you're a woman (it's the nature of the beast). Take a lot of pictures, but make sure to throw in any information about your book. Give them a card, tell them where your booth is at, etc.
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