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Howdy all

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Snikt5, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Snikt5

    Snikt5 Scribe

    Just wanted to say a big hello to you all. I've recently discovered this fantastic site and have been impressed with how friendly everyone seems.

    My name is Rob and I'm married and have two boys. I live in West Wickham just outside London. I released my first novel in 2013 and followed that with a standalone novel and then the sequel last year. I'm currently 70,000 words into another standalone novel which I hope to publish in the summer and then concentrate on book 3 in my trilogy for the rest of the year.

    Sales are steady and I've already exceeded my target when I started writing. Looking forward to joining this community of you'll have me.
  2. Svrtnsse

    Svrtnsse Staff Article Team

    Hello and very welcome to Mythic Scribes.

    Happy to have you here, and happy to hear your books are doing well. Feel free to dive into the discussion wherever you find it interesting - or ask a question or share some experiences.

    Personally, I'm currently working on getting the first draft of my first novel ready for beta readers. It's been a long process getting this far, but without all the help and encouragement I've received from the people here, I probably wouldn't have gotten to this point at all.

    Again, very welcome. :)
  3. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hail and well met Snikt5
    Hope you enjoy the site. I find it a wonderful resource for the arcane and absurd as well as the useful experiences of others [and an occasional reason to escape writing :rolleyes:]
    Learn what you need and share what you know...
  4. Snikt5

    Snikt5 Scribe

    Thanks Svrtnsse and good luck on the novel. Someone warned me that once I completed the first draft the hard work was just beginning. It was good advice but I found once the book was published the hard work started. Getting yourself noticed is that hardest thing.

    CupofJoe - thanks, that is exactly what attracted me to the site.
  5. Folderol

    Folderol Scribe

    Hello, Snikt5 --

    Congratulations on your progress and good fortune! Post a link, why don't ya? Or at least the titles to your published works, you'll probably get some readers here.

    By the way, I thought you might be from Texas with that Howdy. Do people say that in West Wickham? Or are you radical? :D
  6. Snikt5

    Snikt5 Scribe

    Morning Folderol,

    I think I would get some very odd looks if I said "Howdy" to the people in West Wickham. They are more of a, "Good morning to you, isn't the weather just ghastly?" type of people. Not sure where Howdy came from, it just felt like a "howdy" moment - whatever that is.

    I've tried a couple of time to post links to the my books but I keep getting the message that the post is awaiting approval. So below is the list of the books:

    Ritual of the Stones - Book one in the Ballad of Frindoth
    The Stones of Sorrow - Book two in the Ballad of Frindoth.
    Pewtory the Lesser Bard - Story set in the world of Frindoth (book 1.5 really).

    Always happy to get new sales!
  7. ArenRax

    ArenRax Sage

    sounds like something id read ill take a look and see if i can get my local library to order it as i cant really afford to buy pretty much anything.
    how much do you make as a published writer?
    and do your books sell in america?
  8. Welcome! I'm pretty new myself (newer than you, actually). What are your books about, specifically? Do you sell them in the states?
  9. Snikt5

    Snikt5 Scribe

    Hi ArenRax/Speculativejester,

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you. All the books are available on Amazon for the Kindle and in paperback. Here is the blurb for Ritual of the Stones:

    Over the kingdom of Frindoth hangs the shadow of the Gloom, a wraith-like creature that emerges every twelve years, demanding a sacrifice. Twelve individuals are selected by lottery for the Ritual of the Stones and one of them will give their life for their country to keep the people safe.

    When Rhact, a candle-maker, learns his daughter has been selected to take part in the Ritual, he takes his family and flees. In doing everything he can to protect his family, Rhact has no idea of the repercussions of his actions.

    In the capital city of Lilyon, King Jacquard moves to quell a rebellion. Certain warlords have broken away from his council and threaten his throne. Jacquard must deal with the uprising whilst presiding over the ritual. A ritual that also sees his son selected as a participant. Jacquard must keep his focus on ruling his kingdom even if it means losing his son.

    The destiny of the Kingdom relies on the Order, a group of powerful warlocks and witches but even amongst their ranks, deception and betrayal emerges. For the witch Marybeth believes she has discovered a way to defeat the Gloom. Determined to uncover the truth behind her father’s death Marybeth sets out on her own path to free Frindoth from the Gloom - A journey members of the Order are eager to stop.

    The choices of these three people will change the nation and begin a battle Frindoth may never recover from.

    In answer to your other questions, I sell far better in the UK than I do in the States. Not sure why that is - word or mouth I guess. In regards to how much I make, I earn enough to fund my next book (cover, proofreader etc) and still have some change, but no where near enough to write full time. I would love for that to be the case though.
  10. Fyle

    Fyle Inkling

    Welcome to the grind!
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