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"I Dream of Alien Princesses" Story Project

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Isaac, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    I Dream of Alien Princesses

    Created by Isaac Aubrey Law

    “Zachary Lawrence was an ordinary young man living in Baltimore, Maryland with his Aunt Pauline, who was actually an old family friend before both of his parents mysteriously disappeared when he was only a child. One night however, he started having strange dreams, as if someone was trying to send him messages, but who exactly? As soon as he started drawing blueprints on how to build a machine, Pauline started building it, since she’s basically a mad scientist. When the machine is finished, both Zach and Pauline are cautious, but when they activate it, it immediately transports them to another planet in another dimension, where an army of alien knights in shining armor is waiting for them. They are taken to meet Queen Zenantha, who’s an evil tyrant and wants to invade Earth, threatening to kill Zach and Pauline if they refuse to help her. They are however rescued by four alien princesses, and brought to their rebel base. The princesses want to stop the evil queen, but at the same time, they’re also curious about Earth, as their people have labelled it “The Eighth World”, so named because they live in a system of seven inhabited planets, and they consider Earth a new and bold discovery. Hesitant at first, Zach and Pauline agree to take the princesses back to Earth with them, through the machine that’s now called “The Wormhole Beacon”. Unfortunately, Queen Zenantha is stop at nothing until Earth is under her control, and she will send numerous assassins to Earth, until Zach, Pauline and the princesses are all finally dead, once and for all.”

    What do you think so far? I'm really just hoping to brainstorm ideas.

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