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I have this dream I can never forget, because if I do, I'll have it again.

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by Valen, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. Valen

    Valen Acolyte

    Im a duck. More importantly, a roblox duck.
    One of these bad boys:
    Anywho, I wake up in the dream and Im frozen. A door opens and I leave a cold room that has icicles on the walls. I walk in a maze like hallway till I find a rather plump lunch lady. My reaction to her always changes and is based on the seven deadly sins. The first reaction I had to her was wrath. I remember this dream clearly as it was what started my anxiety. (Yes, I had anxiety because of a murderous duck.) I then leave the kitchen and lunch lady and walk outside. I start running and jump into a van. Men are chasing me, and I can hear rowdy kids in the car.
    There is many versions and times ive had this dream.
    A lustful version, a greedy version, an envious version, a version where I fall in love with the lady, many versions.

    I have a weird obsession with putting either ice, ducks, plump backround charecters, and kid backround charecters in my stories now.
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  2. Dark Lord Thomas Pie

    Dark Lord Thomas Pie Minstrel

    You could write a story where ducks are demons that represent the seven deadly sins, if you want to be comedic about it.

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