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I used to explore dreams frequently,

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by LWFlouisa, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. LWFlouisa

    LWFlouisa Troubadour

    In some of my older work, back when I eschewed the idea of writing medieval fantasy, I often treated dreams as the neglected "internet", the natural cyberspace often resorted to when the mainstream internet was heavily censored.

    Often such dreams might bleed over into the artificial internet, or dreams manifesting in the real world to reek havoc on the waking world.

    Anyone else ever use this approach?
  2. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello again Flouisa.

    I am not sure what you mean by that post. In case that you are talking about stories in which people and monsters from dreams somehow materialize in the waking world, then I have never worked with that concept in any of my stories. It would be a great power, though: To dream about something and then it's right there when you wake up!

    That could be dangerous too, in case that you cannot really control what you dream about...
  3. LWFlouisa

    LWFlouisa Troubadour

    Yea, in fact in one of my works, Uploaded Fairy, the hubris of the protagonists was the thought they could harness dreams into a massive hive mind network, in order to avoid government censorship in the electronic networks. Instead, the government usurped "Dreamspace" wired it the main internet, and proceeded to instruct scientists to build an alternate universe simulation. While within real fairies and monsters lived, a world with its own micro history, it's advertise as an MMO to cyberpunks. Unfortunately all it took was someone with my issues, and parts of the mini-universe bled into our own reality.

    My stories thereon are suffering from this after effect.

    And yes I tend to blend technology with magic. I'm super into magitech. I think that' part of why I never got into medieval fantasy. The other is that I like my protagonists hard work and torture to be a little more imaginative than leg crushing, toenail/thumbnail pulling, and other primitive methods. While painful, they're methods that really require high-technology and tend to be bloody.
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