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idea for magic system need one more category

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Sunny dewbae, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Sunny dewbae

    Sunny dewbae Dreamer

    I got 3 forms of magic

    Space magic allows users to teleport themselves or others. The range of the teleportation is limited and get further with time and practice. When teleporting momentum still applies so if they teleport to the ground while for example falling at a high speed they can still break their bones when they hit the ground. Skilled users can create and hold for a brief time areas that loop into each other. for example if you walk through a door it will loop right back into the room that you where in.

    Mass magic allows users to make thing heavier or lighter when they touch it. A example would be that a mass magic user can pick up a car making it only weight several lbs and throw it. Once it leaves their hands in revert to its original weight.

    Time magic allows users to fast forward or rewind themselves (think tracer from overwacth). They can also pause time in limited range around themselves.

    I need one more category of magic that fits into this group.
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  2. SinghSong

    SinghSong Minstrel

    Well, since e=mc2, how about energy magic, allowing users to increase or decrease the ambient (heat), kinetic, or potential energy of objects (albeit at the cost of consuming mass/calorific energy equal to the output, perhaps, so as not to make it too OP)? With an example of this being that a mastery-level energy magic user could consume roughly 1000 calories in one go to release a burst of explosive energy equivalent to that of 1kg of TNT, and/or propel a 66g projectile to escape velocity (assuming 100% efficiency in the magical conversion of/to bodily to projected energy- feel free to make it as inefficient as you'd want though, to water them down to the extent where they're not completely broken). Or, indeed, slow down any projectile(s) in the area of effect (e.g, an 8.4 tonnes heavy goods vehicle tossed towards them at 72mph by a mass magic user, which would have the same level of relative energy as the three aforementioned examples), up to that threshold, by using a more challenging, strenuous variant of the technique. What do you reckon?
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  3. Sunny dewbae

    Sunny dewbae Dreamer

    I think that is a awesome idea! I really like the calorific cost for using energy magic. When I read your post I kept thinking about a anime I saw where the main character uses electricity to launch a coins.

    I was talking about this to a friend of mine and he believed that mass magic compared to the others groups was too weak. So I was thinking about changing it to gravity, It would give users abilities similar to mass magic however, it open them up to using other techniques.
    Thanks for the responds
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  4. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    Healing magic

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