If Fairyland and our world crashed!

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Alora pendrak, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Alora pendrak

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    Hi this has to do with a plot for a book series If the magical world aka Fairyland crashed into our world and the end result is that half a human house is now half of a dwarf's cottage. I'm still playing around with the ideas of how the whole state and eventually the world would be effected. But my main thing is monsters and other magic creatures started showing up everywhere in Washington Dc what kind of actions would the president, military, congress ect take and how would they proceed to make sure the monsters were stopped? Do you think animal control would be involved?
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    Hello Alora Pendrak, and Welcome to Mythic Scribes!

    Wow, I love your idea of a Fairyland crash taking place in our world. To start with, I imagine that Fairyland would be a world contained within a huge glass marble. Then, it crashed and the Fantasy creatures started coming out! Would it happen like that, or what kind of crashing Fairyland do you have in mind?

    Now, about how the Government and Military would proceed that depends on various factors.

    If the monsters and other magical creatures are threatening and dangerous, I have no doubt that military force would be used against them in one way or another. Are the Fantasy creatures immune to bullets and explosions? If they are vulnerable, how would they fight back? How large are the monsters? How powerful is their Magic?

    In case that Fairylanders are not threatening, then I doubt that they would be attacked by the Military.

    Maybe the Government officials would attempt to make contact first, to establish some form of communication. Even then, at least some people would indeed try to attack the Fantasy creatures and a war could break out because of that.

    In the end, I think that there would be an agreement to live together and this could be an extremely good and funny story!
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  3. CupofJoe

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    There is an RPG ShadowRun that sort of riffs off this idea. I can't remember the whole "history", but it sort of starts off quietly and simply [myths and legends starting to be found as real things], heads through humans "discovering" magic and culminated in a dragon vs humans war... Orcs as you can probably guess end up being VERY popular within the military and security arena. It's not a bad RPG as it tried to tie Cyberpunk and Fantasy together [Elfin Hackers, Halfing Mages, Human cyborgs etc...]
  4. Alora pendrak

    Alora pendrak Apprentice

    Well my idea was that fairyland was always there within the same space but thanks to magic fairy wasn't on the same plain thanks to magic if that makes sense. Their was a magic veil seperateing the two from actually colliding but the veil completely collapsed and everything collided. The problem is its random like for instance if the enchanted forest happened to be where your block was then any house that had the misfortune of being build in the human world where their was a tree in fairyland you'd have a tree straight through your roof.
    As for being immune to bullets it depends on the creature and size i'd imagine dragon scales have some type of physical protection, a bullet for a giant would probly be like getting splinter at best. Fairies would be the most difficult if they shoot magic faster then a cop can pull the trigger. i think explosions would kill them since i don't care how much magic you have if your flesh and blood you go boom! I actually did want the government and fairies to come to an agreement but i don't know who would be involved with that i'd have to do more research about how our government handles diplomacy and such. Thank you you gave me a bit to think about.
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  5. Sheilawisz

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    Hi there Alora!

    Oh well, now I see exactly what you mean by a crashing of both worlds. So it would be like my backyard suddenly transformed into a mysterious potions laboratory inhabited by some witch, or like an enchanted lake full of fairies and gnomes appeared just like that in the middle of my favorite shopping mall.

    In our world, something like that would be sure to cause chaos and violence.

    After all, most people do not believe in the supernatural and suddenly having it in their faces would cause some of them to break down from a mental and emotional point of view. Some others would love an event like this, me included, but at the same time we would feel threatened by the magical unknown.

    The government would have a lot of work in its hands just to keep everyone under control!
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  6. chrispenycate

    chrispenycate Mystagogue

    Bit like the Wen Spencer 'Tinker' series, then, except that she uses dimensional overlap rather than physical impact - considerably more survivable (Oh, yes, I enjoy arranging impacts between planets, but I don't give much for the state of the worlds after). Difficult to see why it was blotchy at the interface.
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  7. Brian Scott Allen

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    Also, attorneys and the fae would be mortal enemies, but it would all be a war of words and tumult of opinions and sooooooooooooo many contracts.
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  8. LWFlouisa

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    I've done this in one of my works. Basically the real (hard scientific world) gradually blends into a paradox between non-magical and magical physics that at times they cancel each other out.

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