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I'm Designing a Card Game and want your opinion

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by UltimaBahamut93, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. UltimaBahamut93

    UltimaBahamut93 Dreamer

    So the basic premise of this game is that there are various Gods and deities that are either Good, Neutral, or Evil. You select three gods to form an Alliance (Good and Evil can not be made into an alliance but good + neutral and evil + neutral are ok) The gods are from diferent cultures and races and the cards/warriors in your deck gain specific bonuses from the gods you chose, and you can receive bonuses from having cards that belong to their respective gods. For example, suppose one of the deities you have leading your army is an Elven God that grants a bonus to defensive spells. Any Elf characters in your deck will gain a larger bonus because of their relationship to their patron god. This can lead to many interesting combinations of deities and races/factions in your force. Will your army consist of a single race fighting for their own pantheon, or is it a mix of various gods from different religions?

    I'm still brainstorming different factions and races and this is what I've come up with: *nothing is named yet so I'm just listing them as what I'm basing them off of*

    Factions that contain good, neutral, and evil deities
    European Knights

    Factions that are Good
    Forest Spirits/Fae/Shamans

    Factions that are Evil
    Demonic Cult
    Dark Elves

    Each factions will play differently, so having a mixed deck will be useful. Fae and forest spirits will have great amounts of mana, allowing them to cast more spells and use more summons. Paladins have relatively low stats but gain huge bonuses when fighting factions that are evil. Vampires can grant vampirism to allies and enemies, giving their non vampire allies buffs and resistances while making opponents characters become creatures of darkness, losing affiliation with deities of Good nature.

    I haven't quite figured out how combat works yet. This is all still a rough draft. So what do you guys think? Like it, dislike it?

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