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Indaeos - Main

Discussion in 'Archipelago Archive' started by Mythos, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Current News

    Two queens rule Indaeos, not as consorts, although some have been, but as equals. The current queens are the earth queen, Kevara, and the sky queen, Sanaedra.

    Queen Kevara, as the earth queen, is considered the incarnation of the earth mother, Oreth. Because of this Kevara is in charge of the day to day rule of Indaeos. She holds court and speaks with councilors of the state of the land.

    Queen Sanaedra is in charge of the religious realms of Indaeos. She is the incarnation of the sky mother, Vaena. At times the sky queen is known as the high priestess of Indaeos.

    Queen Kevara is growing old and she still has not chosen her successor to the throne. Every day Queen Sanaedra parades those young women that she believes would most benefit her as earth queens, hoping that Queen Kevara will choose one as her successor.

    Queens have contested for power before, and more than one civil war had been fought over a dispute between two rulers, but never before has one queen been so close to death while the other was still young. Advisors and councillors worry that two young, impulsive queens could ruin Indaeos.
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    Oreth is the mother goddess of the earth. Her domain includes agriculture and civilization. Worshippers to look to her for guidance in matters of the home. Religious rites include the building of cairns and druid circles.

    Vaena is the mother goddess of the sky. Her domain includes weather, light, and dreams. Worshippers look to her for guidance in matters of creativity. Religious rites include star watching and sky dances.

    Noulyol is the evil god of fire. He is hated by all Indae, and is known as the enemy of the mother goddesses.

    Creation Myth:

    The Indae believe that the world was created when Oreth was thrown out of heaven by Noulyol.

    Vaena and Oreth lived happily in their sky palace high above the clouds. Noulyol grew jealous of their happiness and broke into the sky palace. There he found Oreth.

    Speaking to her gently he lured her out of the sky palace to peer down below the clouds. As far as they could see they saw only water. With a hefty shove Noulyol sent Oreth flying down to the sea. When her body fell it broke apart and became the earth.

    Vaena returned to the sky palace and found her lover and friend broken apart. In a rage she barred the sky from Noulyol's presence. Noulyol only laughed at the sky mother's anger, but never returned to her sky palace.

    With as much power as she could muster, Vaena revived Oreth. Her broken body was still the earth, but Oreth now had a much lesser form to walk in and could never join Vaena again.

    Seeing that they were both lonely the mother goddesses created all the people of the earth to entertain them and keep them company. Smiling at their creations Oreth melted into the earth, and trees and other plants grew over her body. Thus was the world created.

    The Indae believe that the mother goddesses hear the prayers of all their children and will answer them in their own time.
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    The Choosing of Queens

    When the eldest daughter in each of the ancient noble families reaches seven years of age they are sent to the palace. In the palace the girls are tutored in everything that would prepare them to be queens of Indaeos.

    When one of the current queens grows old they choose a successor from the possible young women. Those that are not chosen usually become government officials.

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