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Instructions - Read Before Posting!

Discussion in 'Mythic Roleplaying' started by Black Dragon, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    Welcome to the Mythic Roleplaying forum!

    Here you can set up a game world that others can join, like Mythic Worlds but on a smaller, more casual scale, which doesn’t require help from staff. Anybody, new member or old, is welcome to start up a game here.

    While Character Q&A involves pre-existing characters from different settings, Mythic RP characters will all share a world and might be new or adapted to that setting, so it’s easier to have multiple people join in and create a common story.

    You can use this forum to play-test one of your worlds, adapt a plot that you haven’t managed to write on your own, or just have some fun with collaborative storytelling.

    Where to start?
    It’s a good idea to make sure that people will be interested in your rp before you start it, whether by posting in the New RP Pitches thread, recruiting in the forum chat, or asking people you know. Or if you don’t mind the chance of a slow start, you can go ahead and put it up right away.

    How does this work?
    Every game will need a minimum of two threads - a Story/In Character thread where the rp happens and a Discussion/Out of Character thread where the players can talk. You’ll want to title these clearly so they’re easy to find, something like: <Name of RP> - Story and <Name of RP> - Discussion or just <Name of RP> and <Name of RP> OOC.

    Additionally, you can post up to three related threads—for world lore, approved character bios, dice rolls, or anything else the rp needs. Threads intended for reference may need a notice at the top that only the GM(s) or people at the GM’s request should post there, and that comments or questions should be posted in the Discussion thread.

    The first post of the Discussion thread should have all the necessary information for someone to join the rp: a summary of the setting, what kind of rp it is (dice-based? heavy on prose and narrative? casual back-and-forth improv?), a template for character profiles (if you require them), and the rp rules. You may want to link to additional lore or bio threads in that post, so plan it out carefully.

    What are the rules?
    There are a couple things that all rps need to follow:
    • RP content must adhere to forum rules and PG-13 rating.
    • Worlds and characters should be original, not taken from other media (unless it’s your own!). Inspiration is fine, transplanting is not.
    Aside from that, you can decide what guidelines are appropriate for your rp. To help, here’s a list of basic rp rules that, unless specifically contradicted, can be assumed to apply across the board:
    • Players should only post their own character's words and actions. Depending on play style, GMs may be responsible for dictating character consequences and reactions, but players shouldn’t make other players’ characters do anything unless they have agreed to it explicitly beforehand. This extends to assumptions about other characters’ reactions, like writing that everyone in the room was surprised or afraid.
    • Player characters cannot be killed unless the player gives consent. This extends to things like major injuries or life changes--lifting a curse someone had since birth, etc. Player agreement is essential for anything that will have a lasting effect on their character. This agreement can be obtained at the outset of the game—for instance, a dice-based game might have the GM doling out severe repercussions for bad rolls, or a battle-royale game might carry the risk of sudden death. Just be clear and upfront about this in the rp rules!
    • Character abilities and actions should stay within reason. What a character does needs to be consistent with what was approved in their bio and/or the rules of the world around them.
    • GMs have the final word. Generally speaking, what the GM decides about the world and the story is how it goes. If instead you want a completely collaborative experience, decide on a plan for voting, discussion, or first-come, first-canon for world and plot decisions, and lay out that process clearly.
    Suggestions for additional topics for rules and guidelines your rp may need: inactivity, number of characters per person, posting order, speed, or quality, character profiles-whether they’re required, whether someone can start playing after putting up a profile or whether they need to wait for that profile to be approved.

    There are many different ways for a game to run—it’s up to you to choose what will best serve the story and the experience!
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  2. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    I want to thank NimueNimue, who took the initiative in putting this together. She wrote the instructions, and will answer any questions that you have regarding how this works.
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  3. tofit

    tofit Dreamer

    I'm Tofit a traveling Silk merchant and enchanter. I'm wondering if I can start a post to find apprentice and master item enchanters. I'm looking for new enchantments I can cast on my products. Silk is very good material for enchanting it's ionic flow is full of spiritual residue. If you just chant a rhyme about what this enchantment does, the spirit of the silkworm adheres to it.
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