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Introduction Post - Read Me First!

Discussion in 'Mythic Archipelago' started by Telcontar, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    What's All This, Then?

    Hello, and welcome to the Mythic Archipelago. This is a shared-world project for us here at Mythic Scribes, meant to be a place where we can hone our creativity and storytelling skills and have some fun while we're at it.

    The Archipelago is a massive island chain. It spans all kinds of terrain and climates, and its islands are home to many distinct cultures, each with thousands of years of history. Sadly, it's all a bit fuzzy right now, because you haven't written it yet.

    Take a look at the map. See all those gray islands? We don't know anything about most of them – that's where you come in. Choose one and give it some substance. What is the landscape like? Do people live there? What is their culture, religion, history? Did they emigrate from another island, or have they lived there as long as anyone can remember? It is all up to you. Read the histories of the islands near yours, and figure out if you can use any of that to “tie in” your island to the events that have already been related.

    I Want to Start NOW! What do I Absolutely Need to Know First?
    Main Thread: Nature of the Archipelago (“The Rules”)

    Okay, okay! Here's a three-step start guide:

    1. Go to the map and pick out an unclaimed island. PM me this info.
    2. Give your island a name and create a thread in the Islands subforum
    3. Start creating!

    ... and a couple things to remember:

    Keep things local
    The Archipelago is large, and not every story can have world-shattering implications (but don't worry – we'll get to those!). Tell stories that deal with your island, or reach out to the editors of nearby islands to tell stories that affect you both. Through these stories you can further develop the history and the character of your island's people(s).​
    Magic and Technology
    The Archipelago is a low-magic, low-technology setting. For the most part the denizens of the island cannot make use of magic, and when they can it is often unreliable, dangerous, or not worth the price. Technology is akin to what you might find in the ancient roman empire or early medieval era. Big rules: No gunpowder or printing press. (this is one where you might want to read more.​
    Be Open to Input
    Everybody should be able to contribute to every island. You can be the chief editor for one particular island or region, meaning that you have the main say in what belongs there (and it is also understand that you will be doing most of the development on it). However, be open to ideas, and try not to be possessive.​
    Have Fun With It!
    As a shared-world project, chances are that the Archipelago will be zany, chaotic, and unpredictable. Embrace the madness!​

    I don't want to make up a whole island. What else can I create?

    Whatever you like. Try thinking up interesting characters or locations. If you have artistic talent, consider finding a description (of anything!) and try your hand at depicting it. Same goes for maps. You could also design animals or plant life.

    You can also skip straight to telling stories. Read the island threads and wait for something to catch your eye, then try writing a story about it.

    I Want to Know All About the Archipelago! What Else You Got?

    Much. :)

    To get started, you'll want to read the History of the Archipelago, which chronicles some major events in the history of the islands. As people write stories and we hold Canon Contests, the history will expand.

    You may also want to take a look at the Story Guidelines thread, which outlines some suggestions for writing stories that seamlessly add to the Archipelago.

    Frequently Asked (Or Anticipated) Questions and Comments

    Q: The numbering on the map is wonky
    A: I know.

    Q: Can I <blah blah blah blah>?
    A: Unless it breaks The Rules, you sure can. If you have reservations about something, put up a thread and we'll talk it over as a community.

    Q: This island is tiny! How can I create anything interesting with so little space?
    A: It's not as small as you think.

    Q: Seriously, the numbers on the map don't go right to left or clockwise or anything...
    A: I said I know. It's not a big deal.

    Q: What if my writing isn't good enough?
    A: All the more reason to practice. Here you might be able to find editors who are willing and able to help you along, because in return you'll be adding to the variety of the Archipelago.

    Q: Can I publish what I write for this project?
    A: We'd rather you did not. The Mythic Archipelago is a shared world project and as such, it will be next to impossible to separate your work from that of other people.

    Q: Will anybody else ever see it, then?
    A: Yes! Exceptional stories from the Archipelago will be featured periodically on the home page of Mythic Scribes, as well as certain other areas.

    Q: About that map... some of the islands aren't even numbered...
    A: Drop it already!
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  2. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    Forum Organization

    A couple quick notes on what goes where: all official island development takes place in the Island Subforum, with one thread for each island. Discussion threads go here in the main forum. Nobody should ever post anything directly to the Archive, as that is for old threads.

    Furthermore, questions and comments should not be posted directly to the Stickied threads, as those are for official info only. If you have something you want to say concerning them, use this thread.
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