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Isle Of Serpents

Discussion in 'The Islands' started by Taro, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Taro

    Taro Minstrel

    The Isle Of Serpents are made up of three islands. Each run by a tribe of harsh of men and women, the islands would spend most of their months covered in snow apart from two months every year.

    Tribes of the Isle Of Serpents:

    The Ruling tribes of the Isle of Serpents, each have their own specialties and all as ruthless as each other.

    The Zanek

    The Zanek tribe rules the most north western island, their chieftain a crude man who had taken his main village to the mountain which adorns their island home. Ruling with an iron fist his men are said to have the best quality steel weapons and rumours of new armour for his troops.

    The Jarnek

    The Jarnek live along the rugged coast of the central island, they spend a lot of their time on their ships trading with nearby islands other than those of the other tribes. Their ship building skills are unmatched to others and the lush forest which is spreads over the island is their main source of trade next to their fishing skills.

    The Satek

    The Satek live on the southern island in the isle, they are among the best hunters and farmers. They are also the most spread out over the island. The main city/ village is an epicentre of trade routes, and many walks of life’s. The Satek’s are all round specialists, good craftsmanship and are good merchants.
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  2. S.T. Ockenner

    S.T. Ockenner Istar

    An actual serpent has recently crawled from the ocean and, with the power of speech, proclaimed itself a god. It is near the Zanek island and is making its way there. It calls itself, 'Borb The Very Scaly God-Thing'.

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