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It's been a while...(rant)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Vel, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Vel

    Vel Dreamer

    I've been offline for a few months now. If I'm being honest, I lost interest in the story I was working on :oops:. Life just started handing me a bunch of situations to deal with on my own. The two main things that really knocked me down were school and my first breakup...yikes....:cautious: the wrong type of love really does make you do stupid things...
    I just started school again and I caught the sudden urge to start working on my story again. It's my last year of school, I only need half a credit to graduate, and I'm at a new school, so why not take it easy this year? I started collecting crystals and getting more into spirituality and mental wellness. It's crazy how just a few months ago I was below rock bottom. I may not be in the most healthy state of mind now, but I'm definitely way better than where I was before. I even met a boy at school hehe:giggle:. I'm not expecting to fall in love again or even catch feelings, but it's nice to flirt and have a "thing" with someone. Y'know? maybe someone out there is a flirty person like me and understands.
    Anyway..! I'll most likely be more active during school hours since that's when my brain gets up and running with ideas and creativity. It's good to get back into my old hobbies :)

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