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Just finished the Divergent trilogy


I just finished the Divergent trilogy. I'm not going to give any real details, I don't want to spoil anything.

First off, I don't like first person , very rarely am I able to loose myself in a story when that viewpoint is used. This series was not the rare exception. I read the books more out of a lack of something else to read rather than being riveted. This should by no means be taken that I didn't find the books decent reads.

The first book was quite good, good scenery and introduction of the society and world and the introduction of Tris and Four and the other main characters. We follow Tris through her trials, tribulations and the beginnings of her romance with Four.

The books are more character driven than story driven and that left me wanting something more.

The second book... the story line continues... but a large portion of the book focuses on Tris' grief, guilt, and self-destructive and almost suicidal tendencies before she works it out for herself.

The third book takes a different track, bringing in Four's POV. This book is about Four as it is for Tris. We learn some world history and both Tris and Four have to make peace with themselves and save their city.

I hated the ending, but strangely, I understood it and it felt right.

Did I love the series? No, but I did like it. Would I read it again? Maybe in a few years, see if I pick up more details the second time around.

Would I recommend the series? Yes, if you like that sort of storytelling and storyline.


Did you see the movie?
If so how did it compare?

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Until this post I didn't realize she is tri(s) (3) and he is four.

If you saw the movie there is a discussion in Film and television on "Divergent" also.
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Huh... how did I miss the Novels & Stories topic? If a mod would move this to the appropriate location, I'd appreciate it.

I haven't seen the movie yet. I want to though, which is one of the reasons I bought the books even though they are *shudder* first person.

Tris is short for Beatrice, but I never would have made that 3-4 connection if you hadn't pointed it out.

Thanks for the heads up on the movie topic, I'll look into it after I see the movie.