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Just stuff we are watching

It matches well.

Ep. 3 deviated from the game by expanding on something that was only hinted at within the game, but did so in a masterful way. RPG games often leave hints about the larger world and characters within it via found items like newspaper clippings, letters, files, and so forth. Translation from game format to cinematic format required alteration of how this info was delivered.

Similarly, games like this utilize time-killing side quests or extended quests, and doing this within the show would have hurt the pacing. So they removed that in this episode while simultaneously building up a relationship only hinted at within the game and showing another part of that post-apocalyptic world. They did this without diverging from the themes and larger plot of the game.

A lot of the negativity online, which by the way is only a small percentage of viewers, arises for another reason I'd bet.


Heheh...I've seen good things about the new House of Dragon, but I am gonna pass on the others you mentioned. I read the book for Game of Thrones, not seen the series. I am not sure if I ever will. Maybe when I am done with my own tale. Never heard of Skam. I will look for it.
I didn't like House of Dragons. I felt like it was an outline for a story rather then a complete cohesive story. There were good things about it but I was overall disappointed.


I dont know if ill get to house of dragons either. I am beginning to wonder why i have netflix. At my house, weve been watching old columbos.
Maggots have been used to treat wounds (and I think they sometimes still are). They only eat dead (and diseased) tissue and in doing so also remove bacteria from the wound, leaving behind healthy flesh. It's actually a real therapy (in certain instances at least).
They do! My dad told me a story of a lady (he is a doctor) that he had treated who had her legs amputated and was in a wheelchair. He told me she did not have any feeling in the lower half of her body but knew something was wrong so she called him. He did a house visit and checked her out… and unfortunately she had a ton of maggots that were cleaning out a wound that she had but she had no idea about and it was actually keeping it from being infected! He said it was very hard to see but the maggots were doing their job!


Myth Weaver
I wanted to clear some space on the TiVo so I have been watching shows I was saving for "later".
About half way through Foyle's War. Very understated but [for me] very well acted and written.
Once I'm done with Foyle, there is Veronica Mars to view!