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List of Random Acts of Protection and Kindness Needed

Discussion in 'World Building' started by ShadeZ, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Sage

    I've got characters in a group that are dragon slayers (magically boosted creatures semi supernatural in nature) who travel around the human lands protecting people by fighting and killing raiders and evil invading army. But in an effort to not have them come off as only killers I am looking for some ideas as to kind/generous acts they do.

    Here's what I have so far:

    -There is one guy in the group who disappears once a month for two days. The others eventually find out he hunts animals and gives them to the staff at the local orphanage and also plays with the kids there. He has a real soft spot for kids and becomes dangerous if anyone threatens harm to a child. Otherwise, he is a powerful warrior who serves his captain flawlessly, cold, quiet, calm, and deadly a perfect soldier just about.

    -There is another guy who goes after corrupt polticians who gives their belongings and wealth to the poor after he has been approved by the king to execute them.

    - The captain is known to talk to non-murderous evil people such as thieves and petty crooks about their life choices and life in general enough so that she often convinced them to change their ways of lessens it.
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  2. Night Gardener

    Night Gardener Inkling

    In no particular order:

    *Use their skills to sharpen and fix farming implements and other broken tools around villages.

    *make and gift toys to children

    *gift useful herbs, seeds and plants to village medicine workers from their far-away travels

    *seek out the villager with the poorest built house and rebuild it, or make improvements in some way.

    *gather kindling, leave it on everyone's doorstep, and still leave money for the kindling gatherers.

    *bring books and other informational materials to freely share

    *improve small-scale infrastructure, like building bridges.

    *gift bolts of fabric. Not necessarily fine fabrics (like silks or velvets), but utiliarian fabrics like wool or linen to help make everyday clothing and blankets.
    Maybe gift new and exotic dyes to make the fabric colorful and fun.

    * They could gift recipes, foodstuffs and ingredients/plants/spices/sweets
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  3. WooHooMan

    WooHooMan Auror

    The “shooting guilds” from the Dutch golden age were known to hold public events such as parades and marksmanship competitions to both boost their reputation and dispel the notion that they were a bunch of wealthy, trigger-happy vigilantes.

    So maybe your group hosting and funding public celebrations or holiday festivals could be an effective way to get some good PR?
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  4. Spacebar

    Spacebar Dreamer

    Battles often affect civilians, and I expect that the supernatural battles you'll have are the kind that can alter the landscape and cityscape. Helping clean up after the battle and restore life to normal in the aftermath would be plenty altruistic.

    *Finding homes for orphans or pets without families

    *Connecting people to reputable lenders to get money to restore homes and businesses

    *Providing security to prevent criminals from taking advantage of the chaos

    *Providing escort to refugees

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  5. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Sage

    Additional information

    -Dragon Slayers are technically dead they can stop their heartbeat and breathing and can be exsanguinated and it won't affect them as they are very supernatural in nature.

    -Their blood has a dual function of being a very powerful healing and immune substance to the good and functions like acid to those who have evil intents. They keep their blood in vials usually and use it like heal potions for non slayers and coat their weapons with it.

    - They hunt and kill dragons(obvious by their names) so they have access to dozens of Dragon hoards worth of gold. They also take scales from their kills as trophies, and scales are worth more than gemstones.
  6. C. R. Rowenson

    C. R. Rowenson Scribe

    Don't underestimate the small acts of kindness
    • Helping someone that has been knocked down in the street
    • giving bread to the beggar in the alley
    • Standing up for an outsider when people start acting xenophobic
    • Paying someone's way out of a bad situation (overcome in fines, debt, or just needs new shoes)
    • Assisting the sick at a hospital or infirmary
    • Pay for the construction repair of an important building in the town
    • Randomly helping establishments with their work (walking into a bakery, rolling up their sleeves and helping knead the dough, stoke the oven, take peoples orders, or even just carry trays back and forth)
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