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Looking for beta readers for Warlocky (fantasy adventure with a very diverse set-up!

Discussion in 'Writing Groups' started by Graylorne, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Graylorne

    Graylorne Archmage

    Would anyone be interested to do a beta read of my new WIP, ‘Warlocky’ (127k.)?

    I ask this on Mythic Scribes, because this is my first fantasy book where a main character is openly gay, while most of everybody is someone of color, and I would love your opinion.
    It is what I would call a fantasy romance adventure, in an alternate earth setting, with magic and 17th century technology. It is an adventure story, no more no less, with a mostly colored cast and some gay MC’s, though neither has much to do with the plot itself. Nor is there even a grunt of erotica in it. If it has a leitmotif, it’s about equality between men and women.

    The story revolves around:
    - Maud, the towering young black lioness-cadet who is to find a certain young man, Jurgis, the double of Basil, gifted son of the mighty prince-warlock.
    - Basil the Warlocky has been summoned to appear before the warlock council. He is of extreme beauty, paper-white (his people go from white to dark-gray) redhead, and so is Jurgis. He won’t go to be judged on his beauty, and flees by ship. Here he runs into Yarwan, who is of the brown Chorwaynie people; a ship’s cadet whose promotion chances are nil because of his being gay. Later on, his brave deeds will set that right. During a naval battle they run into Jurgis and Maud, and from then on the plot widens till the fate of three nations is in their hands.

    People of color, gay people, tropical islands, pirates, fire-breathing wyrms, flying brooms, a Black Warlock, are some ingredients of this adventure.

    I have my regular beta readers, but I’d like extra opinions on how it reads. Is it convincing, fun, either Y.A., N.A. or Adult, are there scenes, backgrounds, opinions I should describe better, etc.?
    If interested, PM me. Thanks !

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