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Magic System

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Kalshion, Jul 7, 2020.

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    This system I've rewrote at least a couple dozen times, the most recent being when I posted about the magical ranks on this site. Mostly since I realized that the system needed more fleshing out.

    Keep in mind I use Scrivener for my organization, so what I'm posting here will be separated by lines which will be the pages within that program.

    The system of magic used in the universe is comprised one part of a person’s life force and another part Kai, a mystical force that exists within the universe and is predominately found in nature. A person’s life force is needed in order to calculate the way a spell is made, how it is mended together, how it can be used. While Kai is the driving force behind that spell, allowing it to be used outside of the body.

    The actual abilities of mage depend alot on the mage themselves, while any mage can use a spell, it takes an exceptionally talented one to be able to use anything about a third level of magic.

    Spells can be cast through two means; either with the mind or through incantation. Simple spells, or spells that a mage has fully memorized, can be cast with the mind and thus do not require the spells actual incantation. On the other hand, new spells, or highly complex ones, require an incantation. Spells that effect a group of people always require an incantation, and thus can’t be cast by the mind alone.

    Magic is more effective in area’s with more nature, and less effective in ruined or destroyed regions. Tainted Kai, a form of mystical energy that occurs in ruined locations, reduces the effectiveness of spells and can even lead to mages becoming sick if they draw in too much Kai. Because Tainted Kai is more prominent in the upper atmosphere of the planet, flying at high altitude is not possible, mages have to fly at low altitudes which leaves them open to attack.

    Magic is broken up into ‘Verses’, each verse opens up a new avenue of spells for the mage. In order to open up a verse, however, Mage’s have to discover the method on their own.

    Magic, however, is not a replacement for technology. It can’t accomplish everything within the world. An offshoot of magic, is MagiTech which is explained later on.

    Magical Verses

    Magic is broken up into seven verses; there is the first verse of magic, second, third, and fourth, as well as the fifth, sixth and seventh. Each verse of magic dictates what it can and what it can’t do. A verse is a mystical word, a mage has to speak that verse first before they can activate a spell related to that verse, with the exception of the first verse. Stringing multiple verses together allows a mage to combine spells, an example being where combining a healing spell with inferno, inferno’s properties change to where it no longer causes damage but instead heals, this however is only possible if they have one or more enchanted devices with the verses enchanted into them.

    Whether or not a mage is able to properly access a certain level, or verse, of magic is based loosely upon talent and more upon their genes. All mages can naturally use the first level of mage, a couple can use the second, but few can use the third. There are only a small number that can use anything above that. Figuring out the gene of a mage is very difficult as it requires that mage to be placed into a life and death situation. Upon realization of their verse, a magical circle appears below the mage and the slot that verse occupies appears.

    Magic of the Versless are spells that are mainly general purpose, they will always require an incantation unless memorized. These types of spells can’t be combined with a versed spell. Versless spells can be cast by any mage with talent, it is, effectively the ‘first level’ of magic usage.

    Magic of the first verse is mainly used on an individual basis, or can also apply to short term spells. These are spells that are simple to cast and do not require a high level of talent.

    Magic of the second verse is largely medium term spells but can also encompass those that effect groups of people. This can also include buffing and debuffing spells, an example being the ability to put people, monsters, or even demons, to sleep for a duration of time based upon their resistance.

    Third verse of magic, however, is where things get interesting. Whereas first and second are limited in their range and scope, third level is where magic begins to branch out and start having larger effects. Spells within the third level effect entire battlefields, either positively, or negatively.

    Fourth verse of magic is quite rare for anyone to achieve, and rarer still for anyone to survive in using it. This is because this level encompasses spells that can last for days or even weeks, allowing a single mage to destroy a large city, fortress, or anything that stands in their way so long as they are unopposed. While this level of known, it isn’t fully understood.

    The Fifth verse of magic is known, but not understood. This type of magic is the kind that can effect several battlefields at once, this includes spells like Meteor or Dominion.

    Sixth verse of magic is unknown to most of the world, and known only to a select few. This is the type of magic that can effect an entire continent, because of this, it is restricted. Nations are in a constant search for people possessing the ability to use the sixth level of magic.

    The last verse of magic is known as the Seventh, this magic is presently only used by demons, as its understanding is very complex and current beyond humans ability to interpret. This type of magic effects the entire world.


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