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Maps and Island Links

Discussion in 'Mythic Archipelago' started by Telcontar, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator


    This is the Mythic Archipelago.


    This is the Mythic Archipelago on drugs.

    Ahem, no, that's not right. In fact, that is the Mythic Archipelago with the region numbering. I'll explain what those mean later.

    First, a note on size and scale:

    The Archipelago is big. Take a look at that second map and locate number 57. It's southwest of the reserved island (more on them later too) labelled A (upper left).

    See it? Good. That island is the size of Greece. Remember how much history Greece has? How many epic wars and stories, how much mythology? Throw in just the nearest islands and the ocean in between them, and you have an area around half the size of the entire Mediterranean sea, around which practically all the history of the Western World, from ancient times to about the year 1200, is told.

    That is just a small piece of the Archipelago.

    Furthermore, the islands you see on the map are just the big, major islands. Every writer has the option to create small, minor, and largely uninhabited islands (of which the typical archipelago has hundreds) to set their stories or parts of their stories on, if they so desire.

    Reserved Islands:
    These islands are reserved and cannot be chosen to develop. Their development will happen either as a group or as the object of special contests.

    Normal Islands:
    (Apologies for the slight blur - Mythic Scribes Gallery has a filesize limit)

    If you are new to the Archipelago and want to join in, select one of the above islands and then reference the lists below to see if anybody has claimed it. If not, then give your island a name and start a thread in the Islands subforum for official development. At the same time, send me a PM telling me which island you picked and the name, and I will add it to the list.
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  2. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    List of Claimed Islands
    1 - Elkasjir - Gadtzgan
    11 - Jomon - Eide
    16 - Un'Dari - Drachen
    13 - Far Reach - Phoenix
    26 - Trystal - bluedude21
    33 - Not Yet Named - Sanctified
    43 - Korendi - JRFLynn
    50 - East Emperor Island - JCFarnham
    51 - Asgard - Dew
    52 - West Emperor Island - Telcontar
    54 - Not Yet Named - Jes
    57 - Syria - Galbatroth
    68 - Enessia - myrddin173
    82 - Unnamed
    83 - Bizir Auteko - skip.knox
    84 - Asfel - Fluffypoodel
    85 - Consecra - Trebordivad
    87 - Eos - Meteora
    88 - The Aurora Isles - Keitsumah
    95 - Isle of Serpents - Taro
    100 - Velicia - Zenke
    109 - Garth - WyrdMystic
    110 - Tyr - DPayne
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  3. S.T. Ockenner

    S.T. Ockenner Auror

    I have a very small, magically invisible island that is relatively insignificant, but it is not pictured on the map.

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