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Maps of my fantasy world after the cataclysm

Discussion in 'World Building' started by ClearDragon, Jul 5, 2019.

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    It was a lot more complex to make then the perfect version!
    Perfect version for comparison.
    And here is the state of the world after!
    This is my fantasy world several thousand years after the cataclysm. The original continent was shattered by the fall of the moon!
    Also part of the sun broke off and scorched a large part of the world into a desert! There were very few survivors as the resulting earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes caused worldwide devastation to the already battle scarred world! The battle between the gods of the world and the invading demons lasted for days and caused giant cracks in the ground that were miles deep! Later when the moon impacted, the continent shattered along these cracks.
    This is the area where the future introductory story will take place. The story will be like the Hobbit as far as traveling goes.
    The unnaturally smooth mountain range is a sort of image of a subterranean support structure the gods created and was never supposed to be at the surface. Also the support structure used to have tunnels for water, but the ones in the south have collapsed blocking water from the the southeast area of the continent. There are a few oases in the desert though.
    This area is where the stars impacted. The lakes are impact crater rements. The stars released radiation and chemicals the cause the plants, animals and people to mutate! The plants became much darker green, and as for the people and animals? Well, I'm going to try some lovecraft writing with a story set here. Also when this land broke off the original continent, the western side buckled into towering mountains greatly exceeding the average height of the himalayas! There are several mountains like mount everest there, and even a sixty thousand footer!
    This is the impact crater remnant of the piece of the sun that fell! It burned everything for thousands of miles and melted the bedrock preventing the subterranean water network the gods created from working here. There are four volcanoes along the crater rim, and also jagged razor sharp crystals can be found in the sand! The crystals glow at night and are always warm. I've got interesting story ideas where some people realize the crystals came from the sun. Also right in the center of the crater is an oasis created by the sun fragment penetrating into the water network! Many years after the cataclysm before the desert was completely dry, some people settled there and then got cut off from the rest of the world when every other oasis dried up. Unlike other parts of the world there are absolutely no ancient ruins here as nothing survived the sun fragment impact.
    The land area crashed into the crystal sky of the world and smashed right through it! A large part of the land fell off into the abyss, and the middle part buckled into huge mountains! The rest of the land subsided and is now hardly above sea level! It floods many times a year and no humans live here only the amphibian people. There are three deep fracture lakes that are miles deep! Also the perfectly round lake is where the formerly brightest star impacted so hard that it punctured right though the land! Because this continent moved very fast, the star is actually out in the ocean somewhere and not under this continent. This was very nearly the doom off all life as the air was being sucked out into "space" Luckily some of the emergency spells the gods placed in the world activated and created new air out of the energy reserves deep underground. The remaining stars and the sun no longer shine right anymore as they were not meant to be in an atmosphere.
    The northernmost continents. On the right this land is partially glaciated. No humans live there only the wolf people.
    On the left this land is a bit warmer and is shared by humans and wolf people.
    The plants do not grow as well here, and are faded green. Just south of the ice cap no plants live as it is too cold.
    There are not really seasons in this world.
    This continent has three rift zones! It is shared by humans, wolf people and the alligator people. This continent is unstable and there are many earthquakes. The earthquakes are slowly getting more severe and frequent as the world is starting to fall apart. A second and greater cataclysm could start here!
    Remnants of the land area that sank into the ocean after the moon fell. These islands are probably the nicest places to live in this world!
    The larger ones are shared by all six races of the world! Humans, wolf people, alligator people, amphibian people, griffins and dragons! There are some very small islands not visible on this map that are mostly inhabited by the three small sized people.
    The crater formed by the fall of the moon and ground zero of the cataclysm! Here the ocean is many miles deep and has odd glows at night. There are also hideously mutated sea creatures live inside the crater! In recent years large whirlpools have formed in and around the crater. Also the sea level has lowered over ten feet. If a submarine was to descend down to the dark depths of the crater, they would find the bottom made of shattered crystal with slowly widening fractures, evidence that the crystal foundation of the world will not last for much longer!
    The only place that remains the same as it was before the cataclysm. A crystal sphere one hundred miles in diameter!
    Within it is stored the knowledge of the gods and the emergency spells they put in place. In case of a great disaster, the spells inside the crystal sphere would activate and stabilize the world, they can not restore it though and can't maintain it forever. The gods assumed they would be there to fix whatever happened and made no plans for an event where they are not present! If the second cataclysm occurs, this will be the last remaining part of the world before it completely collapses. This area is protected by astoundingly towering mountains many times higher than any on earth! The highest peak stands at three hundred thousand feet, too high for even the biggest dragons to fly over! There is a cave system that leads past the mountains, however it can only be reached from the great scorched desert! This hidden valley is inhabited by only dragon and alligator people. They alone know the truth of the world and that it's days are running out! They try desperately to find a way to save the world, but no mortal magic can repair the damage done to the crystalline foundations and they don't fully understand just what it is made from! The only hope of the world is if those who created it return!

    Well, what do you think? I've got many ideas for the people going on a quest to try and save the world with increasingly desperate measures!
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