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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Catherine, May 12, 2012.

  1. Catherine

    Catherine Dreamer

    *stands and looks around nervously at the group* :eek:

    Hi *small wave* My name's Catherine and I'm a newbie.

    Hi Catherine.

    I've been reading this genre for...
    *shrugs* too long.

    I started writing because I got fed up waiting for my favourite authors to release new books, so figured I would write my own. Of course I didn't realise when I began how in-depth I was going to take my initial ideas; now I'm creating a whole new world
    (or two) :D

    Anyway, I would luuuurve for you to read my beginnings and give me some feedback either by commenting or sending me a message.

    Hope to see you all around soon.
    *sits back down*

  2. Kelise

    Kelise Maester

    Hello, and welcome!

    We almost have the same name ;) Mine's spelt a little differently though.

    We have a section in the forums available to those with a post count of five and higher, called 'Showcase', where you can post your work for others to critique - which sounds like what you're after.

    Hope to see you around!
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  3. Caliburn

    Caliburn New Member

    *reads "about me" section* wow you're a fast reader! Jealoussss. I have to re-read everything on account of my poor concentration >_<

    See you round the traps :)
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  4. Well I've heard a few reasons for choosing to write in my time, but yours has to be one of the best. Welcome to the Scribes Catherine, I'd be happy to read your work.
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  5. Catherine

    Catherine Dreamer

    Well it does depend on the book and if I have any chores to do. Reading while hoovering can be tricky lol.
  6. Rikilamaro

    Rikilamaro Inkling

    Hello Catherine.

    Welcome to the Scribes.

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

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