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My new Website and WiP's

Discussion in 'Writers on the Web' started by SDWallwork, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. SDWallwork

    SDWallwork Dreamer

    Hi everyone, I would just like to announce my new personal website which I will use to publish news, blogs and sample chapters from my work's in progress.
    I have recently finished the first draft of my first novel and would really appreciate some feedback on the chapters on the site if anyone would like to take a look, or if anyone would like a complete copy and wouldn't mind offering a little feedback, that would be a greatly appreciated!

    My first book, 'Old man's Glass' is the first part of a trilogy of novellas planned partly as in introduction to the story and the world, and as practise for me before I head out and write the main storyline/series. Its epic fantasy set in a huge, gritty world full of darkness, deceit and spectacular geography. Old man's glass takes place in one small part of the world, in the large northern forests, were the first glints of evil are trying to break through. Soon, the world will be thrown into turmoil and the characters will be sent on journeys out of all expectation, across all four corners (and even times) of the world. The journey will be long, punishing and full of unexpected revelations. A journey that will take thousands of years, and test the strength and minds of them all.

    Feel free to visit my site and leave any comments and feedback you desire, found through the link below:

    Thanks for reading.

    S D Wallwork.

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