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Mythic Scribes Icon

Is there a way to copy the MYTHIC SCRIBES icon/logo and paste it on my Smartphone, so I just click it, and, I'm there (here), in the forum?


toujours gai, archie
It would take more than that. You would have to add the code behind so that your phone would know the url and would properly invoke your browser. IOW, you'd have to write a small app and figure out how to get that registered in your phone's system.

You would also need a graphics program to trim the icon away from the text, as the dragon image and the text Mythic Scribes are all one image.

That leaves aside the question of copyright. The image is the property of its designer. I don't know who that is.


Iphone or Droid?

You can add a shortcut to the desktop with the icon. It just would not be an app.

On Iphone, you just add it as a favorite, only look for the option to add to home screen.

On andriod, open pages and add a shortcut.