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Note on my world. Feed back welcome.

Discussion in 'World Building' started by tbaron, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. tbaron

    tbaron Acolyte

    I thought that I would post notes for my first 3 novels called the Crown of Power Saga. I am looking for any feedback that you want to give me. I will post this in a couple of parts as it is a large block of notes. Thanks in advance for all the help.

    The World of Waveland
    These notes describe Waveland at the time of the Crown of Power books 1-3.

    The land of Waveland is a large island nation that is 1500 miles from East to West and 1000 miles from North to south. It is surround by all sides by a heavy fog that sits about 750 miles from the mainland. Inside the fog are heavy storms and is populated by sea monsters. No ship from Waveland has ever entered the fog and come out alive. The area of fog on all sides is known as The Sea of Storms.
    There are several smaller islands off of the main island of Waveland. The first group is a group of three islands off the northeast coast. They are called The Frost Islands. They are a cold barren place where winter lasts 8 months of the year. Next off the northwest coast is The Island of White Cliff. This is the home of The White Tower. It is the most powerful school of magic and the home of The Wizards Council. The Island of White Cliff is also called The Isle of Mages. Of the western coast is The Dread Isle. It is an island that was once called The Wind Song Island but it was devastated by war and is now a haunted waste. Off the southwest coast is The Isle of Roses. It is called this because of the massive fields of roses planted centuries ago by a noble out of love for his wife. Off the northwest coast is The Golden Island. It is called this because of the gold mines on the island. In the center of the island is a large thick jungle.

    In the center of Waveland sits a smaller island. It is called The Isle of Kings. This is where the kings keeps his throne. The Isle of Kings is also known as The Heart of Waveland.

    Religion in Waveland

    Religion in Waveland is a large part of day to day life for the people of Waveland from the lowly peasant to the high born nobles. The official religion in Waveland is The Holy Church Of Gilliad also known as The Holy Church of The Creator. It is centered off of Gilliad the first divine magic user in Waveland, the man who united the land and appointed the first king.

    The Church is run by The Cardinal who is selected by The Council of Bishops. A Council of twelve Arch Bishops. The Council is a twelve member body because this is the number of bishops Gilliad selected to spread his teachings and the laws of the Church.

    The Church teaches that the only pure magic is divine magic and that arcane magic comes from Melikeith the Destroyer. The brother of Gilliad. Even though the church believes magic to be evil they know it has become a part of life in Waveland and so have worked out an understanding with the mages of The White tower.

    A new King who takes the throne must be approved by The Cardinal. This is because the Cardinal must perform divine spells on the king to make sure he is not a follower of evil. This has backfired one time however when a follower of the cult of Melikeith was able to take the throne. This led to the war of the Dark King.

    There are two evil cults in Waveland. The first is The Cult of Melikeith. This cult is devoted to the destruction of Waveland as it was created by Gilliad the brother of the evil god.
    The other is The Cult of The Shadow Lord. This cult is devoted to conquering Waveland in the name of The Shadow Lord, a powerful being from the Shadow Realm.
    Some of the cult members have a slim chance at redemption. They can ask to convert to The Holy Church. This is done by having a local bishop hear their case. They are then put under a divine truth spell to see it their desire to convert is a true one. This also allows the church to learn of a converts past crimes or other information about the cult he belonged to. If approved the convert is branded on his right cheek. An m for Melikeith followers or an s for the Shadow Cult. Their right pinky finger is also cut off. If the Bishops deems a would be converts crimes too great or his desire to convert is not real he can have them put to death.
    The life of a convert is very hard. Not trusted by the people they have a hard time finding work or lodging and food. Even when they enter a life in the church it is only as a laborer and cannot move into the priesthood or any other religious order.
    If a convert commits a crime against the church he is put to death.

    There are other gods in Waveland as well. Worsip of these gods is outlawed by the church. Here is the list of other gods of Waveland.
    Neria- Goddess of nature and woodlands.
    Gaylin- God of the harvest.
    Lilla- Goddess of music and spirts.
    Kurman- God of the sea.
    Skiva- Ice goddess of The Frost Islands
    Torkin- god of goblins.
    Sular- sun god of the desert tribes.
    Tannan – God of Battle and blood. Pretty much forgotten by all.

    Many people hide their worship of the old gods as the church considers them heretics and executes those who openly follow them.

    Magic in Waveland

    Magic in Waveland is a powerful sometimes destructive force that many people mistrust. Magical power comes from the winds of magic. A force that very few people can feel. Those who can tap into the Winds of Magic feel an increase in mental power and their minds are filled with visions and voices. The weak minded that are effected go mad from this, while those who are strong of will learn to control the voices and visions and become mages.

    The mages are rules by The Council of Wizards in the White Tower. The Council is comprised of 5 of the most powerful wizards. They set law and policy for the mages. To curb the power of The Wizards Council each member is bonded to the head of a noble family. The bonded wizard must obey the noble in all things. The King does not have a mage bonded to him. Rather he has control of the last dragon in Waveland through the use of The Dragon Pendant. He also has an elite unit of mages known as the Dragon Mages who are independent of The White Tower.

    The common people are very distrustful of most mages. This is because of the teaching of The Church and because many of the major villains in Waveland’s history have been powerful mages. Another reason is that mages who have left The White Tower have told grim tales of what The Wizards Council has done to keep their power.

    Divine magic does not come from the winds of magic. It is gifted to those who are strong believers and true of faith. It is gifted from the god Gilliad. Divine magic is the only form of magic that The Church approves of. Any church official who is caught using arcane magic can be excommunicated or even put to death.

    There has only been one case in all of Waveland’s history of a person who can use both arcane and divine gifts.
  2. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    You have enough to start writing. I suggest you write short stories set in your world. Doing so will bring up multiple issues you have almost certainly given no consideration to, and solving those issues will provide the world with a bit of depth.
  3. tbaron

    tbaron Acolyte

    Nobles, Peasants, and Rule of Waveland

    The land of Waveland is ruled by the king. When the king dies his heir the oldest son takes over the throne. If the son is not of age or there is no heir a regent is appointed. This regent is selected by the king when he takes the throne. No one but the king and cardinal of the church knows who the regent is. If a regent has to take over he stays on until a new king selected by the nobles and approved by the church takes the throne. Most of the time the regent is selected as king.

    There are six major noble families in Waveland each with a number of smaller nobles pledged to them. The six powerful nobles are called the greater houses while the small nobles are called the lesser houses. The heads of the greater houses are Dukes while the heads of the lesser houses are Barons.

    The dukes and barons can appoint knights. Most of the knights serve as the back bone of the armies of the nobles. Knights are not nobles themselves until they are given land and title from their noble lords.

    Peasants themselves cannot own land unless given permission from their local lord. This is rarely given. Even if a peasant is able to buy land he is not a noble. Most of the peasants who own land are farmers who still pay high taxes to their lord.

    Merchants are considered peasants but can have a much better life then peasants if they belong to a merchant’s guild. Merchant’s guilds are very hard to get into. However if a merchant is in a guild they have a better chance of buying land.

    Tradesmen in Waveland are much like merchants. They may belong to guilds which give them a better chance to own land.

    Only Merchants or tradesmen in a guild may buy estates on The Isle of Kings. Even then they are separated from the estates of nobles.

    Nobles receive great education in Waveland. They are taught by master tutors and receive further education at collages set up by the church. Tutors have as good a lifestyle as a peasant can have. They often have quarters in the estates of nobles. Eat fine meals and receive nice pay.

    Peasants in Waveland receive very little education. Though most are able to read. The Church as set up free schools though out Waveland for peasant children that accounts for the peasants being able to read. But the church schools focus mostly on religious teachings. Most peasants cannot do math unless they are in a trade or are a merchant.

    Races of Waveland
    Humans are the dominate race in Waveland. There are very few other races. Here is a rundown of the races.

    Humans- The master race of Waveland. Most peasants have a life span of 50 years, while nobles, church officials, and mages live longer thanks to better healthcare.

    Goblins- The Goblin race started as humans who have been mutated through magical means into a new race. The mutation works like this. Several centuries ago powerful mages wanted to protect their powerful spells. So they put a curse on anyone trying to research. The curse mutated the humans into goblins. No one really has connected the spells being researched with the curse as the list of cursed spells has been lost over time. Though most Goblins in Waveland have come from these mutated humans mating with each other. Most Goblins are green and stand just over 4 feet with sharp teeth. Goblins are weaker then humans and have a lower intelligence. Very few have any magical ability and those that do tend to be leaders of their tribe. Goblins live up to 30 years.
    There are three types of Goblins. The common Goblin who are green. These Goblins are not very brave and will mostly only attack when they out number their foe. Next are Fire Goblins. These goblins live in the desert and have red skin. They are very aggressive. The third type of Goblin is are the Ice Goblins. The live on the Frost Islands and have blue skin. There are rumors of another type of goblins known as forest Goblins. These goblins worship the nature goddess and are dedicated to peace. They do often fight against common goblins that live in the forest who try to rule them.

    Dragons- Dragons are not native to Waveland. They flew from the sea of storms and came to this land. Once they numbered in the hundreds and ruled Waveland, but after losing a war to the humans most have fled Waveland and only one remains. Dragons of my world are not like the normal dragons. They walk on two feet and stand 8 to ten feet tall. They are covered in hard scales. They do have a tail that they can use like a weapon. Dragons are very magical. Most have the power to adopt human form. When in human form they stand over 6 and a half feet tall. They have silver eyes and long silver hair. They can mate with humans while in human form. The offspring are not dragons just humans with enhanced strength and magical powers. Dragons can live hundreds of years. Any Dragon in Waveland comes under control of the king thanks to the Dragon Pendant. They remain under his control until they leave Waveland. Currently the only dragon in Waveland is Daylon.

    Elves- The elves are also not native to Waveland. In fact they came to Waveland by mistake. The elven island Talon Vale was under a great threat in another realm. The elven mages cast a spell to protect their island but it back fired. It caused Talon Vale to be ripped from their world and phase into other worlds. The island has phased in and out of Waveland many times over the years. A few Elves left the island to explore Waveland but most stayed on the island. The Church and the mages of The White tower covered up any evidence of the Elves and most people of Waveland do not know about them, or think they are legend.

    The Undead – The undead are controlled by necromancers. Most undead are unable to survive without a necromancers magic. Only ghosts, ghouls, and Wraiths are able to. Skeletons and Zombies must have the magic to come back from the grave.

    Blood Drinkers – Blood Drinkers were created by dark wizards during the War of Light and Shadow. They are savage and act on instinct. They need blood to survive and prefer human blood to animal blood. The most powerful have wings and can fly while the most savage of them crawl along the ground like a mindless beast. Blood Drinkers live in dark caves or deep in forests. They mostly come out at night as they are sensitive to light. Blood Drinkers have grey skin, sharp fangs and range from powerful builds to slight. They have no magical abilities.

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