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Notes on a dream: the greenery and the greys


Hey there.
I just woke up from a really awesome but strange and kind of unsettling dream. I'm putting down what I remember before it vanishes and thought of writing things down in here.
First I'll have to say that in the dream it all had more sense, wording it might result in something a bit nonsensical at times, as every dream.
It was me and a feminine figure, about my age. I don't know how I did end up in her company, maybe she was from another dream that transitioned into this. Anyways we're hanging out (in a grass field? with some trees maybe?), and I already can't remember the early parts, and we somehow end up near a border of some sorts.
The scenery there is really amazing: rolling green hills with sparse trees here and there, think of something like teletubbies or England (though, I never went to England, I just think this is how it would be). We approach the strange and kind of out of place border. It looks like a spot of grey in the green, smooth asphalt, some parking lots (if I'm not wrong) and a woman (I think). The dream at that point has quite an energic feeling to it, we're feeling curious, unworried. It's somewhat humorous. So when the woman invite us in we accept. She tells us to head in and go forward until we reach something, we will know it when we'll reach it. We go in, I'm already starting to loose details. At some point there's a small river, it could even be a stream, it's quite easy to traverse and we continue joking on (or something, I just know the mood was that) and proceeding forward. At some point, we're on the right side of the stream, we find that the terrain is becoming hilly (but not big hills, like 50m at most, mostly 10-15m). Maybe there are also a couple of bridges (of the reinforced concrete type, but I'm not too sure). When we get to the top of a hill we grab a bicicle (don't ask from where) and we go down the slope and up to the next top, with the help of some leg pushing as we went up. Then after not much we meet a row of elderly people, they look resigned, tired. Some are marching in our same direction, some are going upstream.
I feel a bit out of place but nothing worth stopping to think about. We continue, down another slope and across a high grass field. The scenery throughout this part is really really nice, the grass is very defined and the foliage too.
It reminds me of a mix of the woods around my city, the teletubbies grass fields and northern Europe.
Anyways, after traversing the grass field we arrive at some grey buildings, still intercalated to green patches, but they are getting more artificial, more taken care of.
I don't remember clearly what happened between this and the next part, but somehow we end up in some sort of Ikea-Fust-factory thing. It's very grey and, in contrast to before, I find miself in a closed space and alone. I don't know where the girl I was with before went, presumably she's somewhere in there too.
Here the atmosphere is greyer, less lifely (but not totally lifeless). I get the general feeling that we're getting exploited (though I don't remember properly "working" in way haha, I just got the feeling). I think I stayed in there for what it seemed quite a long time. The place was labyrinthine, I often got lost while going around, nonetheless I developed a routine that consisted in I don't remember what and eating a generic soup at regular intervals.
I don't remember why, I don't remember how, at some point I started trying to escape; I think I grew anxious and restless. The place was mazy as I said and very big horizontally speaking: the buildings weren't very tall but there were many and they were spreaded.
I started going around the structures, initially I didn't even remember the direction I came from.
I wandered around some more and there she was. I had found the girl again. She also grew restless from being in there, so we decided to escape together.
We stole a bicycle (heh, they were quite a central plot element) and rode away.
She biked me around as I was sitting in the the thing where you put your papers in the back of the bicycle, giving out directions.
We biked around parking lots and empty-looking old people, I saw warehouses I don't even remember being there from the round trip. We almost got caught a few times (One time I don't remember why we were entering in one of those underground parking lots, with that red-and-white barrier that raises up when cars have to pass, thinking it was the way out. We quickly figured out it wasn't). Oh yeah, the place gave off some sort of deceiving, beguiling vibe. In the sense that it lured people in, and tricked them to stay there and get taken advantage of. It was also confusing trying to get out, and if I remember correctly there were also some guards we had to avoid.
As my friend was biking me farther and farther from the center of the building complex (that, in the dream it made perfect sense, was like some sort of turbocapitalistic nest of exploitment) I was growing tenser and tenser, so much in fact that at some points I was holding to her so tight that my nails were cutting inside her arm. She didn't seem to mind though. We made turns riding the bicycle: sometimes I carried her, sometimes she carried me.
The escape, as this report, was getting very long. I think the sun rose and went down a couple of times.
The farther I got from the original warehouse, the better I seemed to remember the way out: it was a question of a couple of hours at most, then we would be out.
The long but realtively short buildings were getting more spaced out, the grey was gradually loosing ground to the green. The terrain was flat but it was getting bumpier, the streets that traversed it were less orderly, less at right angles and more serpentine, more pleasing to traverse.
My friend morphed a few times, it became different persons but the thing didn't bother me much, rather I was quite pleased to have different people to talk to. I think at that point I started to became a bit aware that it was a dream, I remember thinking something like "it is like clockwork orange" and a rush of adrenaline, the same rush you (or at least I) get when I solve a difficult problem, whether it be math or physics ecc, run through me (in the dream it made perfect sense).
We somehow managed to sneak out right under the nose of the surveillance, as we reaced the second last of those interweaved steel wires (don't know how it is called in english).
We were practically out, I was biking through the grass field we came here from. My friend morphed back to a girl (whom I can't pinpont the identity) The feeling in that part of the dream was euphoric, excited joy for liberty accompanied by a funny feeling tension and fear of being caught (that chuckly feeling when you as a child are organizing a mischief to someone with your buddies).
As we went up the hill (the same hill as before) we encountered again the row of elderly people, that now that I think of it were present, although in minor quantities, all along the escape. They were heading out.
Only now I realized they were realeased after a lifetime of factory work and exploitment. I thought that id I hadn't escaped, I would be working in that Ikea thing till the end of my days (or almost). The looks on their faces said it all.
After considering how lucky we were we carried on.It was indeed interesting noting the influence humans had over the landscape in the brief (or long?) period of time in which I was in there. The landscape was still beautiful, the same grass, the same leaves, the same fresh water. And nevertheless I noticed that there were some new human elements: some concrete, yet unused, bridges were surely there, on top of that after traversing the stream we encountered at the start of the dream we found our path blocked by one of those steel nets used to delimit properties ecc (google translate doesn't translate it).
As I was about to climb over it I woke up.

And that was it. Sorry for being long and repetitive at times, I just wanted to put down all the details I remembered and I thought of writing them down here, so to share it and maybe hear your opinion/thoughts/whatever.
I really hope I will get a sequel to this hahaha I really enjoyed this dream. In fact I wasn't sure whether to lay down and try to get into the dream again and risk forgetting it or get up and write this down.

Ok, thanks for the patience if you got to the end, I wish you all a nice day.

Ps. sorry for my english, I had to make do.
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