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Novels of the Sundered Spheres

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by James Wilson, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. James Wilson

    James Wilson Dreamer

    I finished my first novel at 16, and have written 23 so far. Several of them will never be seen by any other human being, but some make me rather proud.

    I have three novels on Amazon:

    The Long Escape (Common Thieves Book 1)
    Parvana Bolour has a forbidden desire, to escape from her life of thievery in the crumbling remains of a once great city. With her friends Farah and Kiaras she works to find a way out of the welter of murder, intrigue and betrayal that riddle the city with danger.

    Errant Knight (Hammer of the Netherworlds Book 1)
    Good deeds of derring do are Rhenand’s passion, but now one of this past deeds has started a border war and Rhenand has to fight against former friends to stop a wicked conspiracy from ruining the Kingdom of Odonne.

    Fortunes Rising (Cursebreakers Book 1)
    Dhamyris of Iscar is a desert ranger who has grown too tall and shapely to wiggle through the scrub anymore. When she finds a spell to break the curse of Dunbane is it fate? Or is it just the excuse she needs to leave the Fellowship of the Arvanti in search of adventure?

    My author page on Amazon: James Wilson

    I also have two free novellas
    Ghost of a Desire available at Wattpad:
    A Ghost of a Desire - James Wilson - Wattpad
    Please be gentle this story hasn’t been updated in over twenty years. It needs some work.
    This is the story of Armand, who while on a merchant venture secretly plots to steal the vast treasure of the ancient demigod Taroahnd. The ghost of a beautiful young woman appears and seems to be willing to help. Can he trust her, or is he falling in love with a woman he can never touch and who may have another purpose?

    And Rough Chivalry available at Inkitt:
    Rough Chivalry by James Wilson at Inkitt
    On Murder Isle pirates are kings, killers are the upper class, and Tewer is a fisherman and hunter, the lowest of the low. Just as his fortunes begin to turn he meets two beautiful captives who beg for his help to escape the island and the captivity of Cap’n Rask, most famous of the pirates. How can he take them home when he’s likely to be hanged for his trouble, as nobody trusts a boy born on Murder Isle?

    I also have a blog with some world-building advice at:
    Sundered Spheres

    Thanks in advance! I hope you enjoy yourself!

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