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Online fantasy card game generator/maker?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Storm Kesocascay, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Storm Kesocascay

    Storm Kesocascay Minstrel

    Hello. I'm planning on making a card game where Alchemy is a center point. I don't have a name yet, but I plan to actually make the game before I name it.

    Here's the thing; I made handmade cards, I have the set-up complete, rules written, everything. But I want to make a computerized version so that way it spreads. Any software that's free (I don't care if I need to download it or not as long as its free or low price) that I can use to computerize the game and send it to other people would be great.

    The main holdup that's keeping me from other software is that the game requires 2 decks; an Element deck where you keep all of your elements that will be used to play cards, and the other called the Library (also called the Book of ELEMENT, where ELEMENT is the type of element the deck is. The name is customizable, but "Library" is more common). The Library is where spells, transmutations, and monsters are stored. Those cards go into your hand, your elements go on the field. (Both are considered as the hand)

    It's pretty complex, but the more who play it, the better it will become.

    That's the main hold-up; the requirement of 2 decks. Is there any software that I can use to computerize this game and customize it to have 2 decks? If not, any ideas as to how to alter the decks so that it's 1 deck? (I don't want to have elements and transmutations in the same deck because when that happens, the duels go EXTREMELY slow because no cards are being played and most players have to discard good cards.)

    Any help would be great. Thanks a lot!

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