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Plants vs Zombies - Garden Warfare

Discussion in 'Games' started by Sheilawisz, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello everyone!

    My sister was a great fan of the original Plants vs Zombies game, so after watching some videos of Garden Warfare at Youtube I decided to purchase the game as a present for her. It was very cheap at the nice shop where I found it, which caused me to get a disc for me as well to try it out.

    At first I was just curious about Garden Warfare, but now I literally love this game!

    I was expecting a fun Shooter game, but this has turned out to be not only crazy fun but a very cheerful experience and a highly addictive game...

    In case you play it already, you can find me as Sheilawisz.

    I play as a Chomper only, because it's the coolest and the best Plant of all despite its many tactical disadvantages. In case you have not played Garden Warfare yet, I definitely recommend it to you... And you better join the Plants team, because otherwise I am going to find you and swallow you whole!

    Garden Warfare is exactly the kind of game that you spend the entire day thinking about, waiting impatiently for the moment when you can finally sit down and play.

    You have to try it! XD
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  2. Zelda of Hyrule

    Zelda of Hyrule Dreamer

    After my first visit to your world, I took home some of the video game devices that you play here. The High Speed Internet Connection at my Castle allows me to play from Hyrule, even though sometimes the speed is not good. You know what is my favorite game? Garden Warfare! There is no other game as good as this!

    Your favorite character is the Chomper plant? I tried it a few times, but the Zombies kept killing me a lot from a great distance with those horrible missiles and bombs. It felt like I was a trouble for my Team instead of a help, so I switched and specialized with the Sunflower and its variants. I love being a Healer for my Team.

    Playing as the Zombies is no fun! Don't you hate those guys? They are dead, they are icky and they have all the best weaponry for the battlefield. Most of the times, they have the advantage.

    I'll make sure to purchase Garden Warfare 2 before returning to my world tonight, there is a Rose Sorceress that looks super interesting to play with.
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  3. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello Zelda!

    You must have departed back to your world by now, but I'll reply to your post anyway: I also hate the Zombies, I hate them, hate them forever... All of them are crazily overpowered and terrifying from a Plant's point of view, but the worst Zombies are definitely the Scientist and its variants.

    Soldiers are like a walking Pea Gatling that also shoot instant-death missiles, Allstars are like crushing tanks that run you over or blow you up with their bombs and Engineers are rampaging beasts when they ride the jackhammer, but when a player really knows how to play Scientist, they are literally a killing machine.

    Even though the Chomper is supposed to be a close range specialist, the most powerful close range fighter is the Scientist.

    I mean, they come out of nowhere with their Warp and then they shoot me dead in a couple of seconds because their guns are super overpowered in close range. What is a Chomper supposed to do, bite them? Even with a quick Gooping and the Fire Chomper, facing a scientist face to face means most certainly death.

    We have the gracious Sunflower as our Healer, but the Scientist is not simply a Healer for the Zombies: They are killers.

    I do not plan to purchase Garden Warfare 2 for now, because first I need to get my Playstation 4. I'll be playing GW2 later this year probably, but it does not look very appealing to me.

    I think GW1 will become a classic.
  4. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello everyone!

    I really hope to find some fellow Garden Warfare players here in Mythic Scribes, so I have decided to post in this old thread of mine once again. In case that you play this fantastic game in Playstations 3 or 4, you can find me there as Sheilawisz. It would be great to play some matches together!

    Garden Warfare is a crazy fun, online multiplayer shooter game.

    You can play as either Plants or Zombies, with eight main characters in total that are divided into many sub-classes. There are various different game modes, from Garden Ops (defend a Garden) to multiplayer battles that offer great challenge, like Team Vanquish and Vanquish Confirmed.

    This is a video of something really weird that happened to me in Garden Warfare last night... I managed to get trapped inside of a building somehow, which is normally impossible... It was creepy, but fun =)

    In case it goes viral, I would be famous as the Fire Chomper that got trapped inside of Foxy's Diner at Chomp Town!
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  5. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Are there other Garden Warfare players here in Mythic Scribes?

    That's a particularly sweet adventure from my Garden Warfare gameplay, some Garden Ops battle at my beloved Suburban Flats. You see, as a Chomper you cannot always climb to the top of a garden... it's a little tricky most of the times, and the people that play with me are often surprised that I can do it!

    In that video, a Peashooter seemed to be angry that I was up there instead of helping in combat and he eventually managed to push me down.

    That's part of my Climbing to the Top of a Garden gameplay video series! XD

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