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Posting Yet Another Thought Dump HELLO!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by HalfElfHorror, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. HalfElfHorror

    HalfElfHorror Acolyte

    I joined my school's bookclub (It's on Zoom, don't worry) and it was pretty sad. There were three girls in attendance, including myself. It was nice though, as the other two were avid readers and recommended many titles, which was nice.

    I miss going to school, brick-and-mortar style, which I never thought I would say. Interacting socially and having a consistent schedule was nice. At least I can have my mentall illness off days and not socialize with anyone (minus my family, though).

    I've been watching a plethora of youtube and my recommendation page ranges from quantum physics, particle physics and astronomy, to minecraft and rimworld, to complilations of memes. I guess that's normal for a teenager.

    I also joined another local "Teen's Group". My mother forced me, insisting I needed to be social, which I can understand, as I pretty much only talk to my close knit friend group and my girlfriend and boyfriend. It's pretty boring as there are more adult moderators than :grumpy: teens :grumpy:.

    I wish there were better emoticons on here, as I use many to indicate my Gen Z humor.
    I type more formally on here than anywhere else, I think. I'm not sure why. Most of the time my messages consist of emojis, typing errors, and keysmashes. :jimlad:

    ANYWAYS. How's everyone doing?? Feel free to spam about your current thoughts and activities in the comments.

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