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Powers for the embodiment of the seven deadly sins

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by bob1thousand, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    the main antagonists of my story are the embodiments of the seven deadly sins and I wanted to give each a unique power aside from their standard strength, agility and such. This is what I've got so far:
    Gluttony with size changing
    Lust with Shapeshifting
    Wrath with fire/heat
    Pride with mental domination (he can compel/force someone to what he wants by exerting his will. it's effectiveness is dependent on the target's willpower and the resistance they put up. The target is completely aware this is happening the entire time.)
    Sloth with either telekinesis and or time manipulation, not sure yet
    Greed with maybe energy/life draining
    Any ideas for Envy? maybe they don't have any

    I am now going to list stuff about them to give you an idea of their personalities.

    Their powers are kinda like punishments that they've learned to utilize. Like the more Gluttony eats the bigger she gets so they're always hungry, but she's learned to be able to change at will or like Wrath turning all his built up anger into heat.

    In terms of power, Wrath is the weakest of the group and Pride is considered the strongest. In reality, Sloth is the most powerful by a lot. Deep down Pride knows it and it burns him up inside. The only reason he hasn't and wouldn't try to kill her is because the sins see each other as family.

    Pride looks like a very tall and handsome blond body builder and is the leader of the group. Gluttony resembles a very small and skinny teenage girl with above average looks. Wrath is an average looking late 20's-ish man with short black hair and is the shortest (Gluttony is shorter in her normal form, but she can become bigger it doesn't count to them). Lust is genderless and looks different every time we see them. Sloth is a beautiful 20's-ish female with long hair going down to her knees as if she has never once cut them. Greed is a blonde 20's-ish man and while not ugly, he's not winning a beauty contest. Envy is considered very ugly and I haven't thought of a look yet.

    As I said earlier, they consider each other family and are the only thing they care about aside from their sin. Pride is the oldest and the others see him as an older brother, except for Sloth and Gluttony who are the youngest and see him kinda like a father. Envy, Greed and Wrath are like middle children. Lust is like the weird step child and Sloth and Gluttony think of them like that drunk aunt who shows up to every family gathering with a new man.

    Sloth and Gluttony are close friends, but it is a little one sided. Wrath and Greed hate each other, as does Gluttony hate Greed for keeping stuff she can't eat. Lust is not allowed to be alone with Sloth as a precaution, something Lust finds very insulting. Envy is jealous of everyone and Pride resents him, worrying he'll become like Envy if he looses what makes him great. Despite all of this, they still love each other like a family and would never kill or seriously hurt each other.
  2. Lynea

    Lynea Troubadour

    Honestly, I like what you've come up with so far. Maybe you've had the answers all along. Perhaps you're just looking for some agreement?
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  3. A. E. Lowan

    A. E. Lowan Forum Mom Leadership

    Before we look too closely at what they can do, we should probably talk about what they can't do. What are their limitations within your story world? How do their abilities work? Why do they have them? Then you can look at the characters thematically, since you're going for a theme, here, and tease out more information.
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  4. italian in japan

    italian in japan Dreamer

    i agree with both the above.
    it's important to see how those powers can develop and can be used, hence the limitations as well.
    also, you seem to have an idea of what they can do and you gave it thought. i like it and i'm curious about it.
    the only thing i am usually weary of when i write my own stories is time manipulation. while cool and the source of potentially infinite storylines/adventures, it is also an ungodlily powerful ability, if taken literally. it might soon force you to come up with stratagems to prevent the character from using it, unless in need of a deus ex machina.
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  5. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    maybe. i only thought of 1/2 this stuff as i typed it. maybe because i thought people would be viewing it made me more creative or something. maybe it's just inspiration after compiling everything together.
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  6. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    yeah, that's why i was leaning more towards telekinesis
  7. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    interesting. As for limitations, only Sloth could destroy a mountain (sorry if that's vague). They (and I) don't entirely know their origins or why they were created but they don't really care except for Envy, who wants to meet his creator and ask why they made him like this. The only thing they do know are that they were born to be a sin and their powers are like punishments they had since birth, that they've learned to use as a superpower
  8. K.S. Crooks

    K.S. Crooks Inkling

    Here are some alternative ideas:
    Lust- emotional control of others
    Envy- shapeshifting to look like anyone they touch
    Wrath- strength fueled by the hate and anger of others
    Pride- take the skills of another to use for a time
    Sloth- Altering time (fast and slow) for themselves or to others
    Gluttony- absorb energy from others or the environment and use in various manners
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  9. WooHooMan

    WooHooMan Auror

    You might be thinking a little too limited with what those words mean.
    Lust, for example, means physical desire or want. Hence terms like bloodlust, lust for power, etc. Then gluttony means hoarding, basically. And so on and so forth.

    So, envy ultimately means wanting what others have so maybe something like stealing characteristics from other. Possibly some kind of telepathic thing where they can steal information/abilities from others thus causing the victim to forget that information/ability.

    I actually did a seven sin team for a story years ago so I considered a lot of different angles for what these terms could mean. I learned that it’s better to go kind of outside the box rather than an obvious connection between the sin and what the character does.
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  10. bob1thousand

    bob1thousand Minstrel

    Oh, I know. That's why I didn't want Lust to have something like pheromones. They want more than just sex, they want pleasure, enjoyment, living and enjoying the moment regardless of who suffers because of it. They are overindulgence at it's finest. They are selfish just like Greed, the difference is while Greed wants external things, Lust wants internal things. (I hope I explained it well).

    I wanted to avoid giving them too powerful abilities. I originally was going to give Envy possession but I realized it would be hard to have the main characters fight that. While I'm willing to change it, I actually kinda like the idea that Envy doesn't have a unique ability and instead just gives 110% to try and prove they are just as good as everyone else.

    Also, I forgot to mention this but they can also create an invisible aura around them, making anyone inside their aura feel that sin: those in Sloth loose all motivation, those in Wrath are overcome with anger etc
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  11. ShadeZ

    ShadeZ Sage

    Would it not be enough to have them shift tot heir animal personas?
    Lust- snake
    Sloth-Well a sloth

    I realise some of these are weak but that might be part of it. For example pride is a sin far more are prone to than gluttony for example. They also take on somewhat the ability associated, wrath can breathe fire and destroy if it loses control. Pride is condescending and thinks itself above all else this way and gluttony if goat can eat whatever it wants.

    Another thing is they might very well all not be animal shape shifters but just outright shapeshifters able to tempt you with their sin. Lust could look like a beautiful woman to one man and an enemy to rage and fight over to another for example. Pride could look like how the person sees themself vs how they really are. Envy could become how you wish you were not how you are. Wrath could become a flaming entity that grows less human the more angry it gets or anger it is around (often wrath is depicted as a dragon). Sloth could tempt you by being someone who looks like you or any old Joe but every now and then makes a comment like oh look a sofa we should take a nap yes? Greed could look like the troublemaker side of you the impulsive ID driven version of you.
  12. Carl Brothers

    Carl Brothers Scribe

    I like this version too.
  13. Carl Brothers

    Carl Brothers Scribe

    Maybe Envy can possess someone for some duration of time? I think that suits that sin pretty well.

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