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Races of Fantasy

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Dr.Dorkness, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Wow, I love the way the "races threads" are trending at the moment. Clearly a lot of people here have great imagination and have put a lot of work into their races. Thank you all for sharing your creations. I intend to do the same thing here. But in a more open context. For I see no reason to post all that in seperate threads. Perhaps even make this a sticky, if it is popular, so anyone can share their races in here. So after I tell you my races, please tell me yours. :)

    Ok, that being said I'll start off with my ideas. perhaps they are not as detailed as the other posts but bare with me.

    First of, I do use some stock races. Namely the Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls and Orcs. I have put my little twist on them in the story. For example, the dwarves are the first race to live in the world together with the Akunaki, More on them later. The dwarves call themselves the Mulzennedar, the people of strength in the old language. After them the trolls were born. created by the trickster god. The elves are Decentents of the trolls. The first elves where once trolls but they fell into a magic well and came out of it as elves. Now they have split up into two factions, well three actually. The Iludir (sun elves/ high elves/ city elves), the Lundir ( Moon elves/ wood elves) and the Selani (The elves who took to the sea and dispise their elven heiretage). The orcs and humans are not actualy from this world, they fled from the enemy. The main evil in my story.

    Now then, my "New" races.

    The Akunaki
    The akunaki are a magical race. Created together with the dwarves. They where once the dominant race of the world, but for unknown reasons they are extinct now. They looked like the old egyptians (Like on the hierogliphs, The long faces, not alot of body hair and tall and slender.) They left behind many ruins. Most of them not accesable due to ancient magic. they where the worlds first and greatest magic users.

    The Aarda
    The aarda are distant cousins of the dwarves. But like the Orcs and Humans they came to this world fleeing for their lives. They live underground like the dwarves, but rarely come to the surface. Since their eyes can't stand the bright light of the sun. They look uhm... well different is the word I'd use. their noses are actualy made of stone. they all have earthy skin tones, and in staid of hair they have needles, like a porcupine. the males acctualy look intimidating with spikey beards. They have magic, but the only magic they have is teleportation magic. Their magic is also what was used to get the humans and orcs to this world.

    The Beast tribes
    These people don't actualy have a name yet. but they are decendants of the humans who learned shape shifting magic and got stuck between forms, think of minotaurs, centaurs, lycathropes etc. The only beast tribe in my story so far are the cat people. Half lion, half human. but there are many more variations like tigers, puma's, even the normal house cat. they are a strong and hardy people. They can't use magic anymore. But in some myths they could shapeshift back into a more primal form.

    The Munchkin
    Last but not least, actualy they are the least, are the Munchkin. they are the decendants of mixing the dwarven and Aarda races. They look like shorter and fatter dwarves. But they did not inherit anything usefull from the two races. They are cowardly and stupid (Meaning their low intellect.). They live in slums and in filth. their leader is acctualy the bravest among them. which does not count for much. Mainly they are in the story to provide some humour. But they are also resistand to magic, Which is why they are important for the story. They are to magic, like what cockroaches are to nuclear blasts. They seem to pot up everywhere.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed this little post and I'd like to hear what you think and hear more about your races.
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