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Races of my World

Discussion in 'World Building' started by wilderb33st, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. wilderb33st

    wilderb33st Acolyte

    Okay, so this is my first proper post. If I am being honest, I am quite nervous, as I've never gone into massive detail to any one I have told about my world before. I will try my hardest to make this interesting and include as much detail as possible, and any thoughts and feedback would be very helpful and welcomed.

    So, in my world, I have a fair few races, including many "Stock Races" (I saw that term coined here) and a some that I have come up with myself.

    The stock races in my world are: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Night Elves, Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Daemons.
    My own races (which I will go into detail about) are: Gash'rons, Sirens (not like the mythical creature) a race which I have not yet named - I find it difficult to come up with names at times...

    Here are some details about my own:

    Gash'ron: The Gash'rons are a humanoid race that take residence in the Desert areas. Physically, they are taller than humans, with the Female averaging at about 6ft2 whilst the Males average around 6ft7. They have pointed ears and dark skin, and their hair colour varies from very dark blues, to dark purples and black. Their eyes are always of an emerald green colour and they tend to wear robes of varying colour.

    In the early days of the Gash'ron race, they were ruled over by Pharaohs, who built many huge monuments in their name. (They are a lot like Ancient Egyptians in that sense). The Pharaoh's would usually be the strongest Gash'ron of all, and were named Pharaoh by their skill in battle. Any Gash'ron citizen had the right to initiate what is known as the Mezieda (mezz - ee - eyy - der) ritual against the Pharaoh. In this ritual, the citizen, be they peasant, warrior etc., can challenge the Pharaoh to a fight to the death - the winner, taking the Pharaohs crown. Upon challenging, a spell, cast by the Pharaoh, would create a circle of dark magic around himself and the challenger, where neither could leave until one falls to their death. Naturally, if the challenger were to win, they would be crowned as the new Pharaoh. The Pharaoh, as well, is not allowed to turn away any challengers, as being the supposed strongest of their kind, it would appear as a weakness on their part.

    Eventually however, a civil war broke out after the last Pharaoh, Menathees III, treated the people like dirt, running his empire in what can only be described today as a Dictatorship. The rebel army, lead by a now Gash'ron Hero named Peothor, lead his people against Menathees and managed to slay him, without invoking the Mezieda ritual. The people who followed him referred to him as King, thus, the Gash'ron Monarchy was created, and the Empire has been lead by the family and descendants of Peothor ever since.

    In battle, the Gash'rons uses the help of giant behemoth worm creatures, known as Maz'rams. These giant worms are some of the key units of they use in war, as they can dig underground or into the sand with ease, making them excellent stealth units, despite their gargantuan size. Outside races do not know how the Gash'rons are able to tame these beasts, as they are huge and ferocious creatures. A fully grown adult male would, without the use of magic, require around 30-50 skilled warriors to take down, namely because of their massive size.

    Siren: The Siren's are once again a humanoid race. Physically, around the same height as an average human, however they have a pale blue-grey skin tone, and their hair is predominantly of a light blue colour. They have a slightly longer life span than the average human, maturing and coming into puberty in their late 20's, with 40, being the equivalent of a 21 year old human. Most live until the age of around 150. Most are very skilled in magic and they craft beautiful, elegant weapons (a lot of which contain some form of Siren Magic), which is their main income from trade. Not many learn the art of physical combat, however there are some that naturally do learn. Mainly, they rely on their powerful magic if ever in battle or at war.

    One of the forms of magic, which every Siren can use, is the art of summoning. Each Siren at birth, is given a pendant by the leader of their race, known as the Grand Summoner. This pendant is in the shape of a creature created from the vision of the Grand Summoner, who forges the pendants himself. As they come from his mind, they are not restricted to just different animals, creatures and monsters of the world for example the Grand Summoner could mix and match with different animals or just create an entirely new creature. The owner of the pendant, would be the only one who could summon what the pendant resembles, and also be the only thing he/she could summon. The Sirens refer to these pendants and creatures as the Oda, and each Siren gives a name to his or her given Oda.

    Not limited their however, the Siren, at any point in their adult lives (from 40 onwards), can fuse with their Oda. This cannot be undone, and the fusion is final. Some, with strange looking Oda, never fuse, through fear of forever looking odd themselves. Many also do not as they see their Oda as a life long companion, and do not want their companionship to end. The fusing is usually only used by warrior types, or those in the Sirens army, as the Oda are usually a lot more battle-ready than the Siren themselves and it would turn them into an 'ultimate' warrior - though this is not always the case - some Oda can be small and cute for example!

    The Sirens were once upon a time, the dominant race of the World, with their numbers and population massive, and running everything from their Capital. However, the Humans rose up, and slaughtered almost every Siren, destroying their army, massacring civilians, including women and children, in a struggle to become the new dominant race, so they could have ultimate power over the World. The few remaining Sirens after the bloodshed, fled and, using their magic, created a giant floating city, which the last remaining now take residence in. Most believe the Siren race is extinct now, however they remain, living in their city, unknown and undetected.

    Unnamed Race: There is not a lot I have to say on this race yet, I started developing them a while back, but it is still in their beginning stages.

    They are humanoids, however they have only one eye, slits instead of a nose, no hair and no mouth. They communicate through series' of throat noises. As for eating and drinking, they have a series of holes in the back of their necks (males have two, females have three - it is the only way to differentiate). These holes are approximately an inch width and in order to eat, they grind everything that they do eat into a thick paste, and feed this paste down any one of these holes. They can pour liquid down these holes to drink as well. As it is a difficult thing to do by themselves, they usually have another feed them. They tend to favour living underground, as it is simply all they have ever known - not many have ever ventured outside of the giant underground cities they have created.

    Although they may seem primitive, they are actually completely the opposite. They are fantastic sculptors and architects, and have very grand buildings and city walls. Being a very cautious race as well, rarely leaving the underground, they are all experts in combat. From a young age both males and females are taught hand to hand combat, as well as learning how to use almost any weapon imaginable. The reason for this, is it makes them excellent hunters, as they hunt the creatures that live underground for food. Another reason is that they know other races exist, and they all live in constant fear and paranoia that they will one day be attacked and stripped away from their peaceful existence by one of the races from above the ground.

    This race is only known as legend, as those who have seen them and stumbled across their cities, are killed on site. Some have made it out alive, but not enough for their existence to be stated as solid fact.
    I know this race seems very strange, what with their neck holes, but that is kind of the point. Got to love the weird and wonderful :)

    So there we have it. Those are my races... please let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions too happy to answer! And if anyone could help me come up with a name for this last race, it would be much appreciated!
  2. Spider

    Spider Sage

    Very nice, it's evident you put a lot of work into these. I find the Oda of the sirens intriguing. As for your last race, you could always come up with a name using different languages. If you want a name with purpose, focus on the special attributes of the race... like you can look up "one-eyed" or even "neck hole" (why not?). If you don't really care about the meaning of the name, get out a handful of Scrabble letters and play around with them. The possibilities are endless!
  3. wilderb33st

    wilderb33st Acolyte

    Thanks very much! The Sirens and their Oda are some of my favourite creations in my world. There is a big story involving them at one point in what I am writing.
    Also thanks for the ideas for naming the last race. I'll have a look translating some things and see what I can come up with ^^
  4. Dr.Dorkness

    Dr.Dorkness Minstrel

    Very nice! I am intrigued by the unnamed ones. the other two are fantastic as well. as for the name of the unnamed. try to think of what they would call themselves. Perhaps even what othe people call them in the myths and legends. Like the Inuit. Western culture has called them eskimo's for as long as I can remember. But the correct name for them is the inuit. The people in their own language.

    I'm dooing the same thing with my dwarves, elves and trolls. The dwarves call themselves the Mulzennedar (people of strength in the old language) The elves are split up in two factions. the Iludir (sun elves) and the Lundir (the moon elves). As for the trolls. Troll is just short for Trolhaugen

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