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Raven Publicity

Discussion in 'Marketing' started by JP Harker, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. JP Harker

    JP Harker Scribe

    Hi All,

    Quick question - has anybody here used Raven Publicity and what do you think of it? Prices seem pretty reasonable but then I've only got a vague idea what is and isn't good value. Any thoughts/experiences?

  2. Russ

    Russ Istar

    I don't know anything about Raven publicity directly.

    So I went and had a look at their website. Their website is incomplete and it appears to be based in a language I am not familiar with.

    However their rates are very, very low and if price is your key feature, at those prices I would give them a try.

    My wife works with several people in that industry and my friends have used various publicists, and I can tell you I have never heard of prices that low.
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  3. skip.knox

    skip.knox toujours gai, archie Moderator

    Are you certain you need a publicist?
    Exactly what do you expect from a publicist?
    Have you looked at other publicists? How do their services (not their rates) compare?
    What references does Raven Publicity provide; that is, who are their past clients?

    These are questions you should ask of any service where money is involved.
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  4. JP Harker

    JP Harker Scribe

    Cheers both - I'll be honest, money is a serious factor and for all the reading up I'm trying to do I'm still very much a beginner at this publicity lark. My logic was to give a go at this, see what sort of result it leads to (if any) and if it ends up not working for me then at least I've not spent a fortune on it. I'll have a bit of a closer look at what it entails and see if that still seems a good idea,

    thanks again!
  5. Russ

    Russ Istar

    I don't know if you are thinking of writing or self-pubbing as a career or a sideline. I do however have one cautionary note about how you view the returns.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for. If you take their say $150 package, don't expect much at all. Sometimes there are cost/saturation thresholds that you need to cross before the attempt has any value at all.

    Good luck with it, and please report back how your experience goes. My wife's first book is coming out shortly and I expect to have a ton of sales/marketing anecdotes and data to share by early next summer.
  6. Foah

    Foah Troubadour

    I don't know. I can empathize with money being tight and looking at budget options, but I don't think I'd even bother getting in touch with them.

    It might sound picky, but I can't take a publicity/advertisement "firm" seriously if their website is that incomplete, and looks like it has gotten a 10 minute quick make-up with a free base design. You'd think that if they want to charge hundreds of dollars for mostly digital services, they would have at least hired a web designer for a few hours to write some basic CSS for their website.

    Indeed they are using a free wordpress template without modification, which tells me quite a bit. You can get away with this kind of website for about $10-15 a YEAR (paying only for a domain name (yourauthorname.com instead of authorname.freewebsite.com) with free hosting).

    Look at their menu bar with a dozen pages crammed into a space aesthetically horrifying. Also note that they didn't even bother to remove the blog link from the menu bar, or the blog page overall, despite not using a blog function. Just idle trace from a quick mock-up of a site. The guy/gal/people behind the company quite obviously have no knowledge in designing a website, nor have they even tried to make a respectable one for themselves, yet they offer the following:

    They'll basically just register at a free hosting site, and most likely have you pay for all third party stuff, which in this case would be the registration of a domain name (the aforementioned $10-15.

    This is likely the reason of the low prices--it's not a professional you're dealing with. Just some person offering services they have no idea of how to deliver with industry standard quality for sure.
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