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Really cool cover idea

A few days ago I found a (very) used copy of
Stonemouth by Ian Banks
. The book had a rather unique cover photo which was seen through someone's first-person perspective. I opened the book and started reading—and the very first scene had the first-person protagonist see that exact view!

I like the idea of having the cover being an integrated part of the story. Gonna steal this gimmick of sure!


Is that true? How many here openly steal ideas?

I wrote a scene once to match cover art someone made for me. Since its unpublished, I am not sure if it will stay through re-writes.
Is that true? How many here openly steal ideas?
Define "steal ideas". I'm not even sure it's possible to steal an idea. But I will readily admit that a lot of ideas come from something I read somewhere or a drawing someone made or a remark. The idea then takes on a life of its own and becomes my own. But there is almost always a trigger for an idea.