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Really cool cover idea

A few days ago I found a (very) used copy of
Stonemouth by Ian Banks
. The book had a rather unique cover photo which was seen through someone's first-person perspective. I opened the book and started reading—and the very first scene had the first-person protagonist see that exact view!

I like the idea of having the cover being an integrated part of the story. Gonna steal this gimmick of sure!


Myth Weaver
Is that true? How many here openly steal ideas?

I wrote a scene once to match cover art someone made for me. Since its unpublished, I am not sure if it will stay through re-writes.
Is that true? How many here openly steal ideas?
Define "steal ideas". I'm not even sure it's possible to steal an idea. But I will readily admit that a lot of ideas come from something I read somewhere or a drawing someone made or a remark. The idea then takes on a life of its own and becomes my own. But there is almost always a trigger for an idea.