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Recommendations for good paid editors?

Anyone have some recs for good people that understand fantasy/super hero stuff? 2 books, both novella style - not Epic level stuff. I am not rich but happy to pay to get my books in order by a professional.


Dropped you a PM with an email. No guarantee she’d take your work on, she’s busy with her client list and doesn’t take just anybody. But! She is very good. Ex-publisher.
not found anyone yet! they were politely not interested :)

Well, there are definitely some structural issues and flow - and choices made that maybe were wrong and could use some suggestions on re-writes and pacing etc. the whole first bit is NOT like the rest of the book, which is sort of on purpose but may not work. I am not sure it will ever be great but I'd like to get it to the point its readable and no one says "boy did they needed an editor!"

I am also considering that the two novella should probably just be combined into one book, with part 1 and part 2, and that would require some structural changes and I am considering perhaps swapping out the first chapter as it is now to be later.. as chronologically it is later anyway... anyway, all of that + just making sure the copy edit is passable.
I'll send you a PM with the contact details for the editor I'm working with on the novel I just finished. He split up the work in two parts. The first was a manuscript critique, in which he wrote a 9 page critique on the structure, pacing etc of my novel. He raised some good points which I feel helped my novel. And he was approachable and on time. It sounds like this is what you need.

He's currently working on a copy-edit of the next version, diving deeper into the specific wording and phrasing of the manuscript. So, I know he's busy until december 1st.

Disclaimer: I should add that I have no idea how good an editor he is in the grand scheme of things. He's the first editor I'm working with. He is reasonably affordable, so there's that.