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Recommended reference book for Self Promo

Discussion in 'Marketing' started by Richard P Titus, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Richard P Titus

    Richard P Titus Dreamer

    There is a book I came across this year I found with very helpful suggestions about self-promoting one's book.

    (This post is in no way intended to be an advertisement. The intention is to pass on information that may be useful to writers in this forum.)

    How I Sold 1 Million ebooks in 5 months
    by John Locke

    The title is presumptuous, of course. No one has a guaranteed method assuring sales the author achieved, but he does share techniques he found effective in creating and keeping a loyal fan base, something we all want to achieve in promoting our work.

    His first promotions he did were through conventional promo agencies which provided meager results (especially considering the fees these agencies charge).

    He went on to produce better results attracting readers via Twitter and a weblog. His comments were an eye-opener for me and have helped me promoting my own book.

    If you're interested to find out more about John Locke, this is his website.

    I purchased his book as a Kindle copy earlier this year. Checking his Amazon point-of-purchase page today, I see the Kindle copy is not currently available. Maybe John can be contacted through his website and asked when the cheaper Kindle copy will be available again.

    Hope this info is helpful to some of you out there currently winding your way through the promotional labyrinth.

    Good luck.
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  2. RupamGrimoeuvre

    RupamGrimoeuvre Scribe

    Thanks, Richard! Will definitely look into this. But in the end, I think, it depends on what efforts do we really put in to implementing these tips.

    For me, even though I am doing short stories inspired by their cover art, I have found the main issue is time management. And thinking about all this work makes me feel overwhelmed, which is not good. =/

    I paint and write stories at: TheGrimBook.com
  3. Richard P Titus

    Richard P Titus Dreamer

    Suggestion --

    1) try one method of self promotion

    2) review your results

    3) decide whether or not that self promotion venue serves your purposes

    a) If it does --
    I. continue with it.
    II. proceed to promote with an additional venue.

    b) If it does not --
    I. discontinue it.
    II. proceed to promote with a different venue.

    It is time-consuming. In fact, if you're doing all of your self promotion yourself, it can be a "second career" in of itself. People who have more "orthodox businesses" -- repairing vacuum cleaners, selling jewelry, pet grooming, etc. -- have much the same experience. They spend "business hours" catering to customer needs, and their "free time" on business promotion.

    And speaking of time-consuming -- it took 2 years of promoting with Facebook before I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the right promotional vehicle for me. Determining the right approach for you is something of a labyrinth but it's easier to navigate by networking with others in your field and being tenacious in your efforts.

    We have a great resource here in that we can share some of this information with each other. Hope some of this info is useful to you.

    Good luck.

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