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Religion - The beginig and the end


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I´ve created a kind of religion, or rather "explanation" of a fantasy world, explained in a fiction Tale:

“If you are going to stay with us, there are certain things you should know…
What do you know about how this world began?”

“It was created by the gods.”

“Which gods?”

“Well…that depends”

“Your people, young race, are like children. But we do remember; sit down and I will tell you. In the begining there was a light; it was big and if was little; it was heavy and it was light. Everything you see was inside it. It was all that existed, but it was also no more that a sound. A word.”

“A word? Which word?”

“Nobody knows that, it’s hidden. But an hour came in which this everything was divided in two, like a baby that becomes twins in his mothers womb. So there was a he and a she.


“The love between them was so pure that they wished to continue being One.

But, like two babies, they were dragged away, as if it were by some water flowing; however they never stopped looking to each other, face to face and further away. But they could not touch each other as they wished to.”

“Why not?”

“Because they were so little. They had no strength to move by themselves.
With time, they realised they could collect strength enough to reunite, once in a while. It took them a long time to coordinate their respective movement…

They finanlly did it. And they got reunited like one being again.
But this flowing dragged them away, once again.

However, due this match she got pregnant. She gave birth several life forms. And she became the Great Mother.

Before they had to part, he and she decided they would reunite again. During the time necessary to collect strength, he was alone while she was with her children, watching them rise, loving them.

The second time both of them attended the event as they had promised, but during the encounter with his Sister, the Brother destroyed some of the children which lived with and in her.”

“In the end of the second encounter she again was pregnant and he again was alone. And once again they both promised to reunite.”

“Didn´t they care about murdering their children?”

“She felt deep grief. But he barely knew about their existence and he barely cared; he only wanted her.

And she still loved her brother with absolute and pure love. And that´s how thousands of cycles passed: While he was alone, static, imperishable; she changed, gave birth and saw her children grow, breed. This was the time in which the world, she, shew her body over the great water mantle that covered her.

He remained, thinking about her. She changed, created, thought about him but also about her children.

The cyclical meetings with her brother made her completely happy, and the consequent destruction of some of the children, even of part of her body, made her completely miserable. She mourned for her children.

In the eve of every cycle, she revealed lost secrets for them to protect themselves of the Great Encounter. But her efforts were almost in vain.

With time, she realised that she would have to choose: her children, or her lover; the destruction of life, or the end of the pure love. And she chose whatever any mother would choose.”

“She chose her children. She didn´t go, did she?”

“No, she didn´t. At first, he felt grief, but he thought that she just could not go. On the next cycle, he decided not to move until he would see his sister move to him. But she had decided to stay with her children.

And that´s how he spent alone three of these cycles, which were not cycles any more, because they didn´t reunite; he saw how she flowered through alive things. This was the time were she created the cycle of life, the death and the birth, to bring order to life. Everything bloomed from her.

And he was sinking in jealousy and envy. In the grief for having lost her lover. Even more when he realised she would never come back.

He gathered the energy he would have needed to approach her. Energy she was using on her children. On us.

In the end of the third cycle, convinced that he had lost her, he gathered thousands of thunderbolts and, with them, he manufactured a gigantic hammer. He took the hammer and, moved by the fury, he used all the accumulated energy to hit her sister on the womb.

“This hammer broke the land in thousands of pieces, and that´s how there were islands, rivers and the Great Hammerian Sea.

And this was the time when your people came.”

“Didn´t the gods create us?”

“You were born from Her Great Womb, like the lion or the ant. Like us.
But you were born in a time when the world was dangerous, and were raised in precarious times.”

“What happened to her?”

“She went to sleep. She gave birth to you asleep, and she never pampered you. That´s why you are like this.”

“Like how?”

“Furious, destructive, hostile, but also brave and strong and beautiful. You have gigantic clans… sometimes you are part of them even if this means it´s death, even if this means your death; sometimes you just change your clan, sometimes you are one with your clan, united; sometimes two clans believe one cannot exist without the other. Children raised in precarious times, after the Great Stroke of Hammer.

And today she sleeps, and he is preparing a new stroke against this world… three cycles will pass and nobody knows if we will survive, if she will survive; or if more strikes will be necessary, nor how many will come. But this world is doomed, a slow doom, millions of generations, but everything will end by his hands. That´s for sure.​

Your opinions will be appreciated


So, if I was an agnostic person living in this world, what does this religion offer me? Like what would make me want to adopt this belief?

KC Trae Becker

A creation myth is a good start and this is an intriguing one. It would benefit from a prophet of some type that helps with the day-to-day living.


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